Change of Plans

1402158285164Change of plans and you probably won’t like them. We decided to stop 90% of our current and stalled projects. We will start moving our priorities to OVAs, movies, and manga/doujin. Listed below are the stuff we’re cancelling:

1.) Hanayamata
2.) Old pending shows (Working!! S2, Zero no Tsukaima, etc.)
3.) Blu-ray versions of old shows

Not all is doom-and-gloom. We’re still keeping some projects and plans.

1.) Sakura Trick TV Blu-ray
2.) Sakura Trick Manga
3.) Yuru Yuri OVA
4.) Juuden-chan OVA (once we got ourselves a BD drive)
5.) Yuru Yuri Drama CDs
6.) Full Moon wo Sagashite TV DVD Remaster
7.) Sub shorts, OVAs, movies
8.) Translation jobs (see here)
9.) Remastering of old shows we did (see here)

The fire is not a strong as before and please understand that Lazy Lily is only being run by two extremely busy people. Uichan is too busy with his jobs and I, SHiN, can’t just keep on working on the subs while the other one is too busy with something else. If Uichan wants to truly fansub something, he needs to show it. People will lose faith if you keep giving empty promises. I am just here encoding, timing and make things working. How can I forge a sword if there is no steel to hammer?

We’re trimming out the fat, so that is why we’re doing this. To those few who really care for our subs, we’re very sorry. Fansubbing is not what it used to be after CrunchyRoll entered the scene. CR is by no means evil. They are helping anime prosper and available to every fan on the planet. Do I personally think they’re the best? Haha, no. Otherwise we wouldn’t be attempting to fansub Hanayamata.

Good day to all of you.