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Yurikuma_Aoi_GaoGaoGao! Gao!

Something tells me…


You’re not big fans of Aoi x Ran…

Fine. I’ll translate the doujins of the OTP you want. Poll will end at February 28th.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily

Aikatsu!-only Event Update


Not sure this WP theme is capable of creating a “second main page”, but it’d be nice to separate blog posts, fansub release posts and other stuff. I’m too lazy to check.

Anyways, to the, uh, let’s see… One, two… Ah, yes. To the two people who actually gives a crap about this, I have, more or less, re-checked and finalized the stuff we’re going to acquire this February 1st. I gotta be honest with you, there are LOTS of stuff I want to buy, but due to our 10,000 yen budget, it’s pains me to say that we cannot buy every stuff we think are great. It’s fuc—freaking hard to sort these stuff all by myself because I am not too familiar with these artists.

Below are the updated stuff we’re going (hopefully) buy. Feast your eyes on these (probably rare) beauties!

Oh hey… I found this book in the mail.

AoiRan doujinSay hi to my next project, but…

In case you didn’t know, I added a new poll for you to mes—vote. Same gimmick: who gets the most votes will get their doujin translated next.

There are three choices — Aoi x Ichigo, Aoi x Ran or Aoi x Ichigo x Ran.

Cast you votes! *ahem*Vote*ahem*for*ahem*AoiRan*ahem*

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

Aikatsu!-only Event Final List


Do people still care about this thing we’re going to do in February? I guess not.

This is the FINAL list of artists Lazy Lily is going to check out this February 1st. And if you’re curious, here are some of the stuff we’ll be getting from the VIPs. Please note that we don’t know they’ll put some of these in the event (like Winter Stars). If they do put their old stuff out, then lucky us.

Stuff we’re going to prioritize:

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What…? No “Good luck, Lazy Lily! We hope you can get these and share them soon!”?


— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

Aikatsu! Movie Goods


Take a good look at the first picture. Aoi is very beautiful, isn’t she?

Okay, good.

These arrived a few minutes ago and they are goods the movie. I didn’t take a picture of everything I bought (Aikatsu! mug, etc.), though. Once I get a good scanner, I am going to, well, scan these and feature them exclusively in our Aikatsu! wall. They’ll end up outside eventually, but with little people visiting LL, the chances are very sli—*ahem*

I am not sure when I’ll get a scanner because I burnt out my wallet. But rest assured that I will scan and share these… eventually.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

Aikatsu!-only Event in February



Event details:

Lazy Lily will be acquiring some doujins and illustrations this upcoming Aikatsu!-only event in February and here are the lists of artists we’re going to check out. The ones with VIP tags are the artists with, we think, posses the best stuff. If there are some spare money left, we will check the other artists for trinkets and rare stuff. Colored illustrations are our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY.

Incomplete — Artists/Circles to check out (NSFW content warning):

What’s in it for you? If you’re being nice, we will scan and share them to everybody and may translate one of these books in the future. If no one is interested, then, meh, I’ll keep them for myself.

If you wanna chip in so that we can get more, I don’t mind. Give me a holler.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily

[SOLVED] Looking for info regarding the upcoming Aikatsu! doujinshi event in February


There’s an upcoming Aikatsu! doujinshi event in February and I’m hoping to acquire some of these books by sending someone to buy them for me. My problem is I can’t find any info regarding this event and with my current Japanese knowledge, it’s difficult for me to read the tweets and news from the artists.

I’m looking for place of venue, date and time.

If I somehow manage to get a hold of these books, I will scan and share them to everyone.

Have a Ran x Yurika GIF

Thank you,

SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

Lewd or Not Lewd?

Aoi x Ichi x RanWe are thinking of translating a doujin for Aikatsu!. No, we’re not going to translate the new stuff coming from this year’s Comiket (thought it’d be nice to go there and pick some items up or send us some stuff to work on in the future). We’re going to translate some select doujins that were not acquired (I hope) by other scanlation groups. What type of lewd content we’re going for? Read our group name: Lazy Lily. And it involves the three main girls from the show. Psst. Psst! It’s extremely lewd.

Looking at our current situation, we may only translate one doujin. To make things interesting, we’ve set up a simple poll and vote whether you want us to go lewd or go not lewd. If we get a tie, we’ll do, uh, darn, do both. As of right now we picked two doujins to work on, but feel free to give out suggestions. Remember: the doujins you pick must be easily available and must be pure yuri in nature. Some doujins are pretty hard to find in the internet unless we fork out some dosh.

Cast your votes now!

If you’re wondering, no, this is not a monetary request from someone. It’s purely on us. Would be nice to toss in a few bucks though!

Lazy Lily

Mirei is my girl~!

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