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[Guide] How to download and watch anime

Dear Secret Santa,

Kiriya Aoi - 00193Can you please lend me $45? I have 7,500 Php ($159) and I’m like 2,000 Php ($45) short in getting this video card. Apparently he used these cards for bitcoin mining.


Nice girl SHiN

Level 31


I first booted the game at December 22, 1984 at exactly 02:13 PM GMT+8. After a long year of grinding for experience, my character finally reached level 31. It’s also the same time this post was made.

It was a trying year for my character after taking the lone wolf path. My character had won minor battles and a few boss battles, but there were some battles my character has yet to conquer. However, my character had found a new hub world called Twitter, found a new asterisk for a Job class that will hopefully be beneficial and ever since, my character had seen some great and bad things. If only the Growth Egg was easily attainable early game.

The picture is a collection of RanAo art from many artists at Twitter who are showing support for the couple, and it’s very comfy to hang around the same people sharing the same interests.

These on-disc DLCs are too expensive.

Blog Post

CUrzdDCUkAEnPiY.jpg origAoi Usagi

Have I told you I own Lazy Lily and I can do whatever I want with the website?

Twitter sucks due to its text limit and what’s up with tumblr? I checked a few tumblr blogs or whatever they’re called and I have no idea how to navigate. Obviously posting here is best option for me.

But seriously…

Add me, please.

Kiriya Aoi - 00047Nintendo 3DS Friend Code: 3368 – 4769 – 5905

What are the benefits of adding a fool like me to your friends’ list? I dunno. Watch me play demos all the time?

—SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

Kiriya Aoi - 00433

3368 – 4769 – 5905

G-Got myself a ‘New’ 3DS XL Metallic “Aoi” Blue (my 2nd Ninty console after the SNES), so…

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

[v2] Looking back @ Lazy Lily’s fansub history, and…

…sharing you my thoughts at how I saw fansubbing over the years.

[SHiN-gx] Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora - Special 3 [DVD][1024x576 XviD MP3][D1F5AD59].avi_snapshot_03.27_[2015.06.23_21.51.40]Behold! Our first fansub ever. And Setsuna a best. Download here.

[SHiN-gx] Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora – DVD Special 3 – Setsuna & Kuu [1024×576 XviD MP3][D1F5AD59].avi
First distributed on: 2007-07-14 06:41 UTC
First seen: datorrents and

I was cleaning my room the other day and stumbled upon a stack of my old CD-R archives, and as I browsed through them, I saw a CD marked with “[SHiN-gx] Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora DVD specials”. After watching them, I simply was shocked and said “Damn, this were our first fansub… in fucking 2007”. The nostalgia bombed so hard I’m making this post. Besides, I forever left /a/ so I had nothing else better than do other than play Dark Souls 2 for the umpteenth time (Dark Souls 3 is coming, so I’m gonna waste my time on that soon).

If you’re interested, please join me as I reminisce my 8 years as a fansubber, how I was lucky and managed to survive, and what I saw over the years. If you’re not interested, how about check our Library because we (sorta) added some stuff, or check out our recent fansub release, or something…

I may be missing some details or I forgot what actually happened, but here goes…

WARNING: Very long post.

A close-up look at the loot (well, some of them)

DSC_0630Close up look at our stuff.

We’ll be acquiring more books after knowing some of the artists are selling them online. They’re more expensive, but who cares? I’ll get ’em all.

Update: I’ll check these doujins whether they are stapled together or glued because I may unbind the stapled ones and scan them at the office. Trouble is these doujins are very good and I can’t pick which one to translate first. Want me to hear your opinions? Leave a comment below.

The Aikatsu!-only Event Loot are here!

DSC_0606_1080DSC_0608_1080DSC_0610_1080After weeks of solo planning, weeks of compiling, not receiving second opinions, after countless hours trying to read Japanese… We did it! We actually did it!

The event was very difficult for my comrade and it was, according to him, very mentally and physically draining. He waited in line, wrestled with the other visitors and missed out some of the good stuff. It’s unfortunate we missed out some of the stuff like the AoiRan doujin “Secret x Secret”, Hitoto’s KaeYuriRan doujin “Donkan de, wagamama na.”, but at the very least it’s still a great haul overall.

If you’re curious about the doujins, we got a lewd Ichigo x Aoi doujin, a lewd Mizuki x Ichigo doujin, a non-lewd Ichigo x Aoi doujin, a non-lewd Yurika x Ran doujin, a lewd Ran x Sora doujin, a non-lewd Aoi x Ichigo x Ran doujin, and a non-lewd Aoi x Aoi doujin… Heh. I should have added “Aoi x Aoi” in the OTP poll. Oh wait… I’ll do that!

Great job, comrades and great job to everyo—me.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily


If you noticed, that keychain is not Aoi. It’s Shion from PriPara. My comrade mistook her for Aoi, but it’s still alright since I’m also a big fan of Shion. Darn it, I need to catch up on PriPara.


Details regarding the scanning and translating of the doujins
A close-up look at the loot (well, some of them)

List is FINAL. Godspeed, comrade.

MASTER LISTBefore you start screaming some of the doujins listed are either non-existent or incomplete: I only added them just in case they do show up. So, meh. A kind anonymous has donated 2,500 yen, so we were able to add at least 4-5 books to our shopping list. Thank you, sir!

With that said, we may end up getting 80% of the books listed because some of the artists didn’t specify the prices of their works, so we made rough estimates.

So guys, did we do goo—never mind. Did you notice I sound pissed off recently? If you did, well, this is my first time doing this sort of thing and it wore me out. So… MEH.

I will post pictures on Sunday.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily