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RanAo OTP Master Race


RanAo OTP Master Race

The 24th Semper Lilium holy inscriptions: “Orchid Blue” was last seen inside the lost Grand Yuri Archives of the XiN Dynasty.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

Aikatsu! Doujinshi Batch 01 is OUT!!!

Aikatsu_batch_01_teaserIs it normal for me to self-insert as Ran, right?

We released a lot of stuff since 2015 began, so I thought it’d be nice we put all of our stuff into one archive. And here it is, Lazy Lily Fansubs’s Aikatsu! Doujinshi Batch 01!

[Cute] Kiss Room (Aikatsu!) by eheh is OUT!!!

CTibMoaUcAAEvR_.jpg origNot in the translation, but it came from the same artist.

We recently finished Secret x Secret, but I due to various reasons… I am prohibited in sharing the book. But you can read the preview if you want!

Aoi jaw dropped

Since I can’t share it outside my tiny circle of friends (I’m not that pathetic..) and I want to show you guys some RanAo, I decided to translate this three page RanAo manga strip by eheh. The title “Kiss Room” is unofficial because the author never stated its title.

[Mega] Kiss Room (Ran x Aoi) by eheh

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

Lazy Lily x Aikatsu! x Doujinshi

RanAo OTP Master Race

RanAo OTP Master Race

What’s the point of me making this post? Firstly I love my mechanical keyboard and I love typing stuff with it. Secondly I just want to share my thoughts/plans/whatever after Lazy Lily made its doujinshi translation debut on January 2015. And thirdly is find an excuse to post cute-lewd Ran x Aoi OTP Master Race pictures.


We did 8 doujinshi for the span of 9 months! Yeah, it’s nothing spectacular, but it is for Lazy Lily considering we’re understaffed and we literally just jumped in without fully knowing the ins and outs of scanlating. I think we’re ready to tackle longer stories, but if we do that, we will end up spending a few months translating one. Is it wise to tackle 18-32 page books and have them released monthly or translate 92-132 page books and have them released every few months? Leave a comment or vote in our poll (see right side).


Wait, what’s that? I’m a loyal RanAo OTP Master Race, but I haven’t translated a book dedicated to them? Our Secret x Secret (RanAo) project was shot down after the author found out and sent a C&D letter, but she did say it’s alright to translate it if I share it ONLY to my closest of friends. We may start translating it in the future, so if you notice we didn’t release a doujin for a month, chances are we translated Secret x Secret and, well, kept it a secret from you. We have to be the best of buddies if you want a copy, but since I’m picky, it’ll be tough to befriend this fool.

COj6fbqUAAAjVHe.png orig

Before I end this post, I would like to say again that we are committed to deliver Aikatsu! doujinshi translations and become one, if not, become the biggest source of translated Aikatsu! manga and yuri doujinshi. Want to help? Other than we need cleaners and typesetters, and looking for the official manga scans, we need donations. Go donate a few bucks so we can buy more doujinshi.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily