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2017 Poll Results and New Polls for 2018

The results for the polls in 2017 are in!

Yeah, these polls sort of overstayed their welcome, but I wanna make sure that it’s certain which entry is the definite winner.

To the results!

Poll Results (12/27/15)

Aoi_on_the_radioKiriya Aoi

2015 is almost over so time to wrap up and announce the winners of the polls. Kinda pointless because you already saw who took the lead, but whatevs! Also it’s a reason for me to put new polls next year.

New Polls and 2nd Aikatsu! Movie

Aoi replies

Are you waiting for our lewd IchiMizu doujinshi? July is not over yet and I think we can make it in time, and uh… hopefully the next post you’ll see is something translation related and lewd.


The 2nd Aikatsu! Movie is coming this August and chances are we’ll see the BD version next year. As you know we subbed the first movie so of course the second movie is already on our minds. While we said Lazy Lily is focusing on OVAs, shorts, and movies, the interests and opinions of the fans/viewers/followers are a big thing for us. This is the reason for the poll we just set up.

Do you really wish us to provide you our fansub version of the 2nd Aikatsu! movie? If yes, please vote for “yay” and if you don’t want us to sub the movie, please vote “nay”. If you are unsure, please check out our version and tell us what you think. Did we do a good job at the translating the movie? Did we suck at it? Or found it nothing special?


Lazy Lily is not a big fan of Japanese honorifics in English subtitles, but we’re aware some people have grown attached to this old fansubbing staple. In the event when Lazy Lily may ended up being the only group to fansub a particular show or OVA, a lot of people may shy away from our version because of this stinging fansubbing philosophy of ours. This is the reason for the second poll.

If you prefer our no-honorifics philosophy and the absence of honorifics does not greatly affect the experience of the anime we may end up fansubbing, please vote for “no-honorifics”. If you wish Lazy Lily to provide two subtitle tracks, one containing the honorifics, please vote for “Have two subtitle options”. This poll only affects the anime section. The manga and doujinshi section will have no honorifics. Plus it’s annoying to make two versions every time…

Got any questions? Concerns? Violent reactions? Please leave a comment below!

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

Best Aikatsu! Idol – Poll Results

Aikatsu! IdolsThe results are in!

Aikatsu! Season 2 ended a few hours ago and this is the right time to count the votes! To those who are unfamiliar with this show: Aikatsu! is an idol show based on the popular card game of the same name. The first season started airing on late 2012 and will continue to air until (at least) late 2015.

The story of Aikatsu! can be completely summarized into one simple sentence: “Aikatsu! is a show about cute idols doing cute idol-ey things.” I, SHiN, highly recommend this anime to anyone who wants to watch a light-hearted idol show with great characters, great stories, great music, no melodrama and zero cute furry animal companions. Oh and there is no magic, just science.


Before we get to the winner, please be reminded that we made this poll on an anime we didn’t fansub/cover. The few people visiting Lazy Lily were not familiar of this anime, so in order to remedy this and get people interested in participating, we encouraged the viewers to vote based on the music videos of each idol. Secondly Lazy Lily is pretty small and after we left the SHiN-gx name, we’re sorta became unknown in the fansubbing community. Meaning we got few votes due to very few visitors, well uh, visiting our site.

Another thing to note is Lazy Lily Fansubs did not rig the votes. Some of us voted (forcibly) and we assure you every votes are added fairly using poll daddy’s system. Exploiting the system is ano—ANYWAYS…!

The best Aikatsu! idol, according to the voters, is…

Vote for the best Aikatsu! Idol!

Aikatsu! Girls


There are only 10 episodes left until Aikatsu! season 2 is over, so I thought it’d be great to make a poll! The poll is very simple — you vote for what you think is the best idol. Sadly not all of you is watching the show, but you can still vote based on their music videos. If you like any of them, vote.

Let the voting begin!

Poll: Best Sakura Trick Girl

Vote for YuzuTime for a monthly poll! The rules are simple: Vote for Yuz—your favorite Sakura Trick girl and by the end of March we will reveal Yuzu wo—might be one of the girls who will win the poll.

Come on, vote for Yuzu!Yuzu needs your votes

Restrictions will apply so that the poll will not be rigged like Yuzu winni—I mean, preventing people from voting multiple times and we will only reveal the results after the voting is over this March.

I know you want to vote for YuzuVote for Yuzu now!

Here are the candidates in alphabetical order:

1.) Yuzu <—VOTE HER NOW!
2.) Haruka
3.) Kaede
4.) Kotone
5.) Mitsuki
6.) Shizuku
7.) Yuu

Lots of great girls in Sakura Trick so choose wisely on who to vote (vote for Yuzu, for example).

Yuzu for President What are you waiting for? Vote for Yuz—I mean, vote for Yuzu!