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2017 Poll Results and New Polls for 2018

The results for the polls in 2017 are in!

Yeah, these polls sort of overstayed their welcome, but I wanna make sure that it’s certain which entry is the definite winner.

To the results!

Merry Christmas 2017!!!


I actually checked the previous Christmas greeting and, uh, yeah, I think I’m gonna repeat myself here.

But yes, 2017 was a sad year for Lazy Lily Fansubs with lots of stuff happening that’s beyond our control. Now I admit some of the errors and mistakes were caused by me because I wasn’t too smart enough to notice, I was too inconsiderate, and too dumb to fix them. Now those mistakes will severely affect me and the group in 2018, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna let those mistakes linger on and make a mess of things. I’ve already set plans to make sure we’ll continue on translating Aikatsu doujins and Sakura Trick manga in 2018 (you’ve already seen me hinting it). Let’s just hope that we’ll get some blessings, encouraging gifts, so we keep on what we’re doing best–scanlations.

Season’s Greetings and Merry Christmas, everyone!

—SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

[News] Site Update 12/17/17

All right, everyone, there a couple of potentially important things I wanna say. I’ll cut to the chase so listen up, dear reader.

I don’t want to reiterate myself, so if you’ve been following Lazy Lily’s various posts, you already know what my intents are with regards to acquiring additional manpower. I found a fix to our problem, and we need your assistance on this. Yeah, it’s that kind of discussion again.

Help us reach our budget goal every month, and we will guarantee you’ll get a doujin and a Sakura Trick chapter translation every month.

Now, I understand we have to show you first the goods before you shower us with your graces, but sadly we can’t show you the goods if you won’t commit first.

So yeah, that’s it. If you want to read Sakura Trick on a semi-consistent schedule, please help us. Feel free to ask any questions here or private message me over at Discord. We really want everything done and we’re trying our best, but at our current state, that’s a very hard thing to do.

—SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

[Guide] How to stop being a normie anime fan. Enjoy anime the proper way.

All right, so this is sort of an update of my previous guide, but this time I’m gonna hammer it down your skulls and get your anime fix the right way. This guide will teach you, the normie anime fan, where to find your anime content, what tools to use and learn how to combat bottom feeders who cares more about money than be a part of an anime community free from said bottom feeders.

Before you go any further, go look up my guide for more info. Once you’re done with that, then follow these easy steps:

[News] Lazy Lily Fansubs is a bit more SFW

A quick update.

In order for Lazy Lily Fansubs to appeal to more Aikatsu! fans—especially new fans who happen to stumble upon this site—we modified certain posts by adding a warning sign for pornographic content. This way any would-be visitor will ignore the lewd content and safely browse Lazy Lily Fansubs with little fear of seeing something lewd. Are you a new visitor, though? If yes, please check the quick tour guide before browsing our content.

Now with that said, posts with sexually suggestive images weren’t modified and we think they don’t count as pornographic. The Library still contain some lewd content and we can’t change these. If you want to see our catalogue, you’d better be prepared to see some lewd stuff. Lastly, our very old posts (some already have broken images) will not be censored.

By the way, Lazy Lily Fansubs is a yuri-centric group, so all of our pornographic content are all yuri/lesbianism.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs


Happy Thanksgiving Day, America!

[News] Site Update 11/23/17

>be Hikari no Akari OSThieves
>steals rips from other groups and put them behind ads for profit
>”Support artist” links are fake
>OSThieves can afford to buy 8-15 USD CDs through their ad revenue
>yet continues to steal free rips and profit off of them
Greed is one hell of a drug.

Oh, look the track list of Jazzkatsu! vol4 is not in the right order, just like ours! What a coincidence they have the exact same error as we do! I can’t wait for Scrapbook 03 to come out!

Try as I might, I can’t convince people to reform because once you’re addicted to maximizing profit by stealing, it’s hard to let go. What sad (((people))).

[News] Aikatsu!-only Event #14 this November 12th

You gotta admire the Aikatsu! fans in Japan. I mean, they hold multiple events for Aikatsu! and it’s often surprising the anime isn’t getting the same amount of fans in the West. But, eh, who am I to say that?

Yes, you guessed it, it’s that kind of post again!

Event 14 is coming this November 12, and we may see some new stuff worth getting and worth translating (eventually). If you wanna check out the upcoming doujins, you can check my retweets over at Twitter. Or check out #art-katsu in our Discord server.

The one I RT’d are the books I want to get and it’d be great if you help me raise money. Just click on the Donate button on the right.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

[News] A few more Aikatsu! doujins have arrived!

We got new books! These are not recent purchases, so it’s from the previous doujin request a few months ago. This time around we picked up more Aikatsu Stars! books and the MVP doujin is clearly Little Heart Rifle. Our Stars lineup is still very small, but we’re getting there. For the OG Aikatsu!, we got the 3rd book of nae’s Secret x Secret series.

If you’re wondering why there are so little books this time, that’s because we found nothing else in second hand bookstores and I’m not sure about the quality of the rest. We’re not gonna pick up non-yuri books to fill any void. If you want hetero stories, there are many groups that are happy to translate them. So yeah, more books that you will never read in their translated form. I’m not saying I’m not gonna share these books, it’s just we don’t have the means to translate them properly.

Do you want to make Lazy Lily motivated, acquire more books and keep us running in the foreseeable future? And have access to the 6000px version of this book? Consider donating. Maybe we can ask a couple of talented people for a fee, if you do.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

[News] We’re operational again!

Yay, we’re back and we can finally resume our Halloween special! Oh god, I hope we can make it.

Though the unfortunate thing is no one really donated, so I just borrowed money from people. You know, the usual. And this made me realized that we’ve reached a certain threshold at what we can currently do.

Let’s just hope someone else has scanned this image and had it posted for everyone to see.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

[News] Site Update 10/11/17

There’s nothing great to talk about other than more bad news. Oh well.

Sakura Trick

There will be no new chapters this month and there’s a big chance we won’t be doing any chapters in November and December because, yeah, you guessed it, we don’t have a translator. So much for our plan to finish volume 6 by the end of the year.

Aikatsu! Doujinshi

We got new doujinshi and it’ll arrive in 8/u/ Board Owner’s home in a few weeks. Why? Because he’s paying for the shipping and I’m very poor. We’ll post pictures soon.

Aikatsu! Doujinshi Translation

We’re currently working on a big doujin for Halloween, but it pains me to say it’ll be the last doujin that is getting translated this year.


No new updates in the website other than I updated the pastebin *ahem*wish list*ahem* link found in the Staff page. Christmas is a couple of months away, so I gotta follow tradition and ask Saint Nick for something. I think I was good girl this year. ;_;

Closing Words

Life sucks, yeah. We were primed to release chapters and doujins like “Fuck yeah! 2017 is in the bag!”, but ended up getting disappointed when the TL decided to call it quits and went to Japan for work. Lazy Lily Fansubs survived everything and we will recover, though I’m not sure when will that happen. I’m not giving up in providing Aikatsu! doujinshi, but for now… Luck is currently not on our side.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs