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[News] Site update and Doujinshi solicitation (04-14-17)


Ugh, I’m very sorry for the months of not updating the dead links in the Library. The download links of our doujinshi translations should be okay now. As for the fansubs, we updated Sakura Trick TV. We’ll eventually update them including some of the music rips and add more links to releases I didn’t put in the Library.

Now to the meat of the post…


We got a good amount of donations since January, but it’s still not enough as you can see on the books I want to get. Another part of my intention is to get the best books, the best art books in the OG Aikatsu! era and preserve them through scanlation. Aikatsu Stars! doujinshi is making progress and will eventually replace OG Aikatsu!, so we’ll be seeing less and less OG content. Before that happens, yeah, I want to get this books and then move on.


$350 is the ideal amount to cover for the billing, proxy fee and shipping.

If you want to directly talk or negotiate with me about funding my never-ending hunt for Aikatsu doujins as a patron of sort, I can be reached over at our Discord server.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

[News] Back to your regularly scheduled programming

You know, I’m really not good at planning because things always, well, not end up going as planned. Or I’m just way too unlucky?

We, uh, planned to finish Sakura Trick volume 6, but the TL for the series has unofficially left the group. We have volume 6, chapter 5 almost ready, but without the TL’s approval and addressing a couple of issues, it will take a while for us to share it and any future translations. Basically we’re back to our usual pace and it sucks. We were supposed to move forward, dammit! ;_;

So what’s next? We’re going to find another TL if ever our current TL Lust Demon actually flown the coop, and that’s going to be difficult.

Currently we’re in doujin hoarding mode, but, yeah, as always, I’m too poor to buy these books and any donation is greatly appreciated.


Looking for Translators, Editors, Cleaners, Typesetters and Scan/Raw Providers for Major Projects

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

News: Aikatsu!-only Event 13 this July 2017

Official event website

Yes, it’s that time again and I hope they’ll put out more Aikatsu Stars! doujins… along with more RanAo ones as well. RANAO-ONLY EVENT WHEN?!

Right! July is still far away, but so does the time it takes for us to get a good amount of donations. We need to make use of the time to advertise our solicitation request. Didn’t I mention this is another e-begging post?

So yeah, if you want to eventually read Aikatsu Stars! doujins, then we need your help because we’re LITERALLY the only group dedicated in translating doujins of this underrated idol anime. I mean, good luck finding raws in sadpanda that is not yuri.

tl;dr please donate any amount to help us buy more books.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs


You can also follow me on Twitter @Lazy_Lily_SHiN for retweets of potential books to buy.

>mfw 32 Aikatsu! doujins translated so far

Out of the 82 translated doujins for Aikatsu! (some of which are just random shorts), we account around 32 doujins or 39-ish translations if we include random shorts we did and the official Secret Story series. Sooner or later we’ll reach over half and we may perhaps end up being the number one translation group for Aikatsu doujinshi translations.

And this was possible, as corny as it may sound, because of the many supporters who donated money to buy doujins. Seriously, you will never find the majority of these doujins in sadpanda. That I fucking guarantee. Keep on supporting, everyone!

I literally made this post because I just got my internet back and I wanted to post an Aoi pic so very badly.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

Expecting some good Aikatsu! stuff this month

After weeks of waiting, the 12th Aikatsu!-only will start in less than 12 hours. And after weeks of waiting, our donation drive only managed to raise $110. We’re not gonna buy anything with this money because of many reasons aside from it’s not enough. If we had, say, $250, we may buy at least 15+ books in the next few days, or even weeks. Now, I guess we’ll have to wait for months and hope we get more donations for the 13th and 14th Aikatsu!-only events poised to show up in 2017.

So assuming we got the money, what stuff are we going to buy? Since we can’t enter the actual event, we’re setting our sights towards the two popular stores Toranoana and Melonbooks. Here are the stuff currently available for purchase.

I’m expecting more books to show up like this, this, this and this. Yeah, we’re going to need more than just $110.

This post is another plea to, well, please donate some more, make me happy, so I can provide more translations.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

Follow and chat with the head idiot of Lazy Lily Fansubs

I read every comments posted on this site, but that doesn’t mean I reply to every one of them. If you felt lonely I didn’t reply, don’t worry.

Still, I think having direct line of communication and options to communicate is nice, so if you really wanna talk to me about myself, the group, the stuff we do, and *ahem*negotiate donations*ahem*, I can be reached through several social media and chat platforms.




I’m very active on Discord and the channels are currently populated with a lot of folks. If you wanna talk to me, Discord is the best place. If you’re the type to hit the like button on every tweet of people you follow, you can do so in my Twitter. I’m not as active as before but I do post announcements, retweet Aikatsu art, and post some ramblings. If you have Steam, you can add me as friend there. Though I don’t play video games that often and I rarely play online because my Filipino internet sucks.

So yeah, just a quick reminder that I can be officially reached through these channels. But if you’re happy to talk to my ghost or pretend like you’re in a state of delusion that I still post in /a/, then, well, there’s nothing I can do about it. Have fun talking to my ghost there. :V

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

News and Updates 03-06-17

Hello there! This is your resident idiot SHiN here and it’s time for some news and updates. Yay!


A lot of them are still broken, but we restored the Sakura Trick manga folder in the Library. The links found in every release post are still broken though. We’ll try to restore more of the download links, but it won’t happen for a while since *ahem*I’m using my already slow internet speed to upload my Dead Space walkthrough*ahem*


We’re not gonna translate it because we lack the manpower and resources. We may able to translate it in the near future though.


I think we’re all good from aside apart from the need of an additional cleaner. If you’ve been following our updates and posts, we’re still adjusting to our new pace and I think we finally nailed it. Expect some good stuff showing up more frequently than before.

Upcoming releases for February

  • Sakura Trick volume 6, chapters 1-3
  • 3 Aikatsu! doujins


We used to have a donor page back at SHiN-gx Fansubs to list every donor who has ever donated, but we scrapped that because the website layout is not designed to handle another page. Yeah, it’s a pathetic excuse, but there you go. However that doesn’t mean we didn’t receive donations this past month. As of this writing we accumulated $110

Thank you!


The event is less than a week away (February 12th) and sadly $110 is not enough. We need to secure the shipping fees, the service fee, and most importantly have enough funds to buy as many books as we want. Call me a Negative Nelly, but I highly doubt we can reach $300+ before or during the first week after the event. So instead, we’re gonna sit this one out, save our current donations and hopefully it’ll grow just in time for Summer Comiket.


Lazy Lily Fansubs operates solely through donations and after 2 years of translating, I think it’s safe to say we’re still struggling. Aside from buying more doujinshi, I do have plans to upgrade my PC so it can do more tasks with specs good enough to last me for another 5 years. So yeah, it’s a struggle. I was thinking of putting up a Patreon and people will support me by sending funds every month. Receiving, say, $100 a month is very nice, and this will able me to buy books virtually every month. However a part of me doesn’t want to because a fansubber having a Patreon has a negative connotation to it.

If you have any thoughts on the matter, please leave a comment below. Or perhaps you can donate to Lazy Lily Fansubs. C:

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

UPDATE: Some DDL links are down

We lost around half of our DDL links and it affected a lot of our fansub downloads, especially Sakura Trick manga. We will try to restore the download links soon.

I think we should migrate to a more private server to host the files. Or go full bittorrent?

If you haven’t read our translations and don’t want to wait, go check out Dynasty Reader.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

Fangirl Filter ON: Please donate 35 USD for my Aoi fix

Okay, real talk here. I’m not gonna sugar-coat my words and I’ll be brutally honest with you. So here goes…

Please DONATE 35 USD so I can get this Premium Rare Kiriya Aoi card.

This is a limited edition gacha and this will expire in February 6, 2017. If you’re not familiar with this system, it’s basically you spend stars and the game will roll 11 cards. If you’re lucky, you’ll get Premium Rare cards like the one picture aboved. The chances of getting a PR card is 2% usually (4% during special days), but I want to take my chances.

Normally you use 250 normal stars (you can earn in the game without charging money) to roll, but this particular gacha only accepts 250 blue stars = real money. So this is where the 35 USD comes in. I’m going to buy a 3000 yen Google Play gift card from Play-Asia and use that money to buy blue stars and do one roll. If I’m lucky, I’ll get this Anniversary-exclusive PR Aoi card. Since I’m poor as heck, I’m asking you to help me out here. C:

The money WILL NOT GO to doujins and other projects. This is purely for my personal enjoyment.


Please donate so I have a chance of getting this Aoi card. ;_;

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

Keep Aoi-katsu! going!

I’ve seen leaks and previews of Aikatsu Stars! season 2 and it got me thinking — More stuff to translate in the future.

I want to continue my idol activities and while I have (admittedly) a surplus of doujins, we’re still going to buy the new ones for the new current and future characters.

Basically… please donate. ;_;

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs