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Happy Birthday, Aoi & #14. [Cute] Odayaka (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!

Odayaka_01_smallHappy Birthday, Aoi!!!

I think I already stated many times why Aoi is the best in the observable multiverses, so I’ll just jump to the release post… But really, Aoi is one of the people you can easily approach because she’s friendly, enthusiastic and smart. These traits, as seen by fans, as reasons why Aoi can be shipped with anyone. I totally disagree with some of the artists who ship Aoi with Seira and Kaede even, but I do understand why they’re doing it. It’s the same reason why I find Aoi’s interaction with Ran interesting.

Of course you can’t beat the great chemistry between Ichigo and Aoi, so it’s great to able to appreciate everyone supporting Aoi and it’s sometimes interesting to see Aoi getting paired with anyone. With that said, I do hope no one ships Aoi to Maria… Oh and you totally missed the Aoi x Sumire opportunity, Sunrise… or is it Bandai Namco now?

To the doujinshi!


Kiriya Aoi - 01260WE NEED A CLEANER. ;_;

Otherwise we can’t achieve our plans to translate two Aoi-centric books for Aoi’s birthday this month. ;_;

I guess after that decent year of, uh, something, nothing really changed… much.

Girl of the Year 2015


2015 was a great year for anime. Lots of interesting stories, impressive action sequences, great characters, and great girls. There were a lot of great girls in 2015, but only one takes the crown as Girl of the Year 2015.

After evaluating hundreds of lovely girls for the past year, our panel of judges have picked the best, the one that shone the brightest.

Lazy Lily Fansubs’s Girl of the Year crown goes to…

Poll Results (12/27/15)

Aoi_on_the_radioKiriya Aoi

2015 is almost over so time to wrap up and announce the winners of the polls. Kinda pointless because you already saw who took the lead, but whatevs! Also it’s a reason for me to put new polls next year.

Aikatsu! Doujinshi Batch 01 is OUT!!!

Aikatsu_batch_01_teaserIs it normal for me to self-insert as Ran, right?

We released a lot of stuff since 2015 began, so I thought it’d be nice we put all of our stuff into one archive. And here it is, Lazy Lily Fansubs’s Aikatsu! Doujinshi Batch 01!

What the Western Aikatsu! fanbase want

CQphJWUVAAAEqei.png origRan: Your (Aoi) ‘prism spiral’ is so very cute, cute.
Aoi: Ran, I can’t escape your ‘Trap of Love.’

“Trap of Love” and “prism spiral” are Ran and Aoi’s song titles respectively. You can tell I’m rushing this post because I didn’t TS the translation… yet.

Secret x Secret is out for a couple of days, but I can tell it’s not that popular based on the number of clicks the post got and the number of referral links. I was expecting this would happen because non-lewd books, isn’t really popular compared to lewd books. Sex sells, so to speak.

Obviously people want lewd, but quite frankly, I’m not good at reading the weather.

I understand the Western Aikatsu! fanbase is small and only a few of them read fan fiction and manga, so I was kinda thinking of optimizing this by working on books people actually want. And the problem is, I dunno how to get in touch with these fans.

My current solution is, well, talk to me here or over at twitter.

To everyone:

What kind of Aikatsu! content (that’s doable for us) do you want? You want lewd books over non-lewd ones? What pairing to you wish do see? RanAo? RanYuri? IchiAo? KaeYuri? RanSora? AkaSumi? HinaJuri?

The more we know your preferences, the more more we can optimize our translation picks.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily


Kiriya Aoi - 01024

Is it just me or Lazy Lily is cluttered with posts not beneficial to a typical anime viewer and reader and it feels so cramped? Or maybe it felt cramped because I’m using a crappy 15 inch CRT monitor?

Anyway, I may create a Lazy Lily blog of sort so that Lazy Lily will be free of this garbage like my opinion posts and other stuff. Uh, I mean, I don’t make garbage opinions or anything like that. I mean, my opinion posts are cluttering up Lazy Lily, so they’re essentially garba—Oh wait…

So yeah… And hey, I cluttered up Lazy Lily yet again with this post! Totally not using this as an excuse to post an Aoi picture. No sirree!

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily

[Cute] Kiss Room (Aikatsu!) by eheh is OUT!!!

CTibMoaUcAAEvR_.jpg origNot in the translation, but it came from the same artist.

We recently finished Secret x Secret, but I due to various reasons… I am prohibited in sharing the book. But you can read the preview if you want!

Aoi jaw dropped

Since I can’t share it outside my tiny circle of friends (I’m not that pathetic..) and I want to show you guys some RanAo, I decided to translate this three page RanAo manga strip by eheh. The title “Kiss Room” is unofficial because the author never stated its title.

[Mega] Kiss Room (Ran x Aoi) by eheh

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

So, uh…


I updated this a bit.

Totally not showing off my new Aoi picture.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

Aikatsu! Manga Secret Story is HERE!!!


After weeks of waiting it’s finally here! And it’s beautiful! Kinda small (see >Razer keyboard for comparison) and extremely light.