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[News] Aikatsu! stuff in C92 Natsu Komi

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CDs or no CDs? That is the question.

Aoi is mai wai—favorite idol!

We‘re reaching/reached our donation goal and I’m happy folks are donating for the upcoming event this July. Once we get the 60 bucks, we’ll start buying them books as soon as they’re available and while I’m at it, I may get this and this. Now what are these? If you haven’t played the mobile game Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!! (Photokatsu), these books, titled the Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!! Illustration Collection, contain all of the current cards featured in the game. If you don’t want to play the game, then you can just get these instead. And yeah, we’ll scan them once we have them.

With all that said though… I’m in a bind here.

As you may have already know, we’re currently the main providers of Aikatsu! music rips. We didn’t provide every CD but this is one of the things that we’re proud of. I could provide every rip of OG Aikatsu! if I’m given the chance, and that chance is coming in the form of Aikatsu! Complete CD-Box. This collection contains all of the songs, soundtrack(?) of OG Aikatsu!, and from what I’ve read, it also contains alternate versions of songs like Eien no Tomoshibi Akari version, or maybe prism spiral with more pronounced clapping sounds. A part of me wants to get this collection, rip them to FLAC and share them, but the problem is the collection costs around 300+ USD. Yeouch!

EDIT: Price went up to almost 400 USD. link here.

Sure, apart from the alternate versions of songs, you can get the rest of the songs by downloading any of those batch torrents, but I want to go a step further by providing high resolution scans of the covers and other stuff like booklets and a lyrics book, if ever. But ultimately the reason I want to have this collection because I want to be the number 1 when it comes to Aikatsu! music sharing. It’ll be a major accomplishment for me as a provider.

If you were in my shoes, what would you do? Use the current donations to buy the art books and doujins, so you’ll see more translations? Or use the current donations to buy this massive music collection, rip them and share them to the fans?

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

>mfw 32 Aikatsu! doujins translated so far

Out of the 82 translated doujins for Aikatsu! (some of which are just random shorts), we account around 32 doujins or 39-ish translations if we include random shorts we did and the official Secret Story series. Sooner or later we’ll reach over half and we may perhaps end up being the number one translation group for Aikatsu doujinshi translations.

And this was possible, as corny as it may sound, because of the many supporters who donated money to buy doujins. Seriously, you will never find the majority of these doujins in sadpanda. That I fucking guarantee. Keep on supporting, everyone!

I literally made this post because I just got my internet back and I wanted to post an Aoi pic so very badly.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs



I love Aoi.

I kinda forgot when when I took a picture of a cake with an anime character on my monitor, but it was an amusing thing I did. I only did it once though because at the time I couldn’t afford a smartphone or a typical digital camera. But anyway, I don’t think I want to do it again because doing it looks creepy.

My love for Aoi is an unrequited one because no matter how many Aoi pictures I collect, no matter how many posts I make with Aoi pictures attached, no matter how many times I diverted donation money to buy Aoi merchandise, or how many times I kiss my monitor, tablet screen and phone screen, Aoi will not and will never return my love. It’s probably the extra dimensions I have. Curses.

With all that said, I’m not depressed I was born with an extra dimension at all. I’m happy just by looking at Aoi, translating doujinshi with her involved and self-insert as Ran in RanAo books.

Happy Valentine’s, Aoi. I love you, my blue goddess.

Follow and chat with the head idiot of Lazy Lily Fansubs

I read every comments posted on this site, but that doesn’t mean I reply to every one of them. If you felt lonely I didn’t reply, don’t worry.

Still, I think having direct line of communication and options to communicate is nice, so if you really wanna talk to me about myself, the group, the stuff we do, and *ahem*negotiate donations*ahem*, I can be reached through several social media and chat platforms.




I’m very active on Discord and the channels are currently populated with a lot of folks. If you wanna talk to me, Discord is the best place. If you’re the type to hit the like button on every tweet of people you follow, you can do so in my Twitter. I’m not as active as before but I do post announcements, retweet Aikatsu art, and post some ramblings. If you have Steam, you can add me as friend there. Though I don’t play video games that often and I rarely play online because my Filipino internet sucks.

So yeah, just a quick reminder that I can be officially reached through these channels. But if you’re happy to talk to my ghost or pretend like you’re in a state of delusion that I still post in /a/, then, well, there’s nothing I can do about it. Have fun talking to my ghost there. :V

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

Fangirl Filter ON: Please donate 35 USD for my Aoi fix

Okay, real talk here. I’m not gonna sugar-coat my words and I’ll be brutally honest with you. So here goes…

Please DONATE 35 USD so I can get this Premium Rare Kiriya Aoi card.

This is a limited edition gacha and this will expire in February 6, 2017. If you’re not familiar with this system, it’s basically you spend stars and the game will roll 11 cards. If you’re lucky, you’ll get Premium Rare cards like the one picture aboved. The chances of getting a PR card is 2% usually (4% during special days), but I want to take my chances.

Normally you use 250 normal stars (you can earn in the game without charging money) to roll, but this particular gacha only accepts 250 blue stars = real money. So this is where the 35 USD comes in. I’m going to buy a 3000 yen Google Play gift card from Play-Asia and use that money to buy blue stars and do one roll. If I’m lucky, I’ll get this Anniversary-exclusive PR Aoi card. Since I’m poor as heck, I’m asking you to help me out here. C:

The money WILL NOT GO to doujins and other projects. This is purely for my personal enjoyment.


Please donate so I have a chance of getting this Aoi card. ;_;

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

Keep Aoi-katsu! going!

I’ve seen leaks and previews of Aikatsu Stars! season 2 and it got me thinking — More stuff to translate in the future.

I want to continue my idol activities and while I have (admittedly) a surplus of doujins, we’re still going to buy the new ones for the new current and future characters.

Basically… please donate. ;_;

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

Dear Fan Artists,

Aoi meets YrYr


Please? :3

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

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