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AIKATSU! PHOTO on STAGE!! Split Single – Scrapbook 03 is OUT!!!


Good thing about being last is more time to correct potential mistakes. Theoretically.

Anyway, here is Aikatsu! Photo on Stage Scrapbook 03!

[News] Lazy Lily Fansubs is a bit more SFW

A quick update.

In order for Lazy Lily Fansubs to appeal to more Aikatsu! fans—especially new fans who happen to stumble upon this site—we modified certain posts by adding a warning sign for pornographic content. This way any would-be visitor will ignore the lewd content and safely browse Lazy Lily Fansubs with little fear of seeing something lewd. Are you a new visitor, though? If yes, please check the quick tour guide before browsing our content.

Now with that said, posts with sexually suggestive images weren’t modified and we think they don’t count as pornographic. The Library still contain some lewd content and we can’t change these. If you want to see our catalogue, you’d better be prepared to see some lewd stuff. Lastly, our very old posts (some already have broken images) will not be censored.

By the way, Lazy Lily Fansubs is a yuri-centric group, so all of our pornographic content are all yuri/lesbianism.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs


Happy Thanksgiving Day, America!

[News] Site Update 11/23/17

>be Hikari no Akari OSThieves
>steals rips from other groups and put them behind ads for profit
>”Support artist” links are fake
>OSThieves can afford to buy 8-15 USD CDs through their ad revenue
>yet continues to steal free rips and profit off of them
Greed is one hell of a drug.

Oh, look the track list of Jazzkatsu! vol4 is not in the right order, just like ours! What a coincidence they have the exact same error as we do! I can’t wait for Scrapbook 03 to come out!

Try as I might, I can’t convince people to reform because once you’re addicted to maximizing profit by stealing, it’s hard to let go. What sad (((people))).

Jazzkatsu! —Omoide wa Mirai no Naka ni— (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!

Jazzkatsu! Volume 4 is finally here!

Omoide wa Mirai no Naka ni, roughly translates to Memories are in the Future, is the latest album by Star Light Jazz Trio containing jazz remixes of Dream Ballon (I think we’ll go with the original spelling), Christmas☆Starlight, GLAMOUROUS BLUE and Good morning my dream. If you’re not familiar with the first 3 songs, then that’s because they’re from the Aikatsu! mobile app “Aikatsu! Photo on Stage” or “Photokatsu!” for short.

[News] Aikatsu!-only Event #14 this November 12th

You gotta admire the Aikatsu! fans in Japan. I mean, they hold multiple events for Aikatsu! and it’s often surprising the anime isn’t getting the same amount of fans in the West. But, eh, who am I to say that?

Yes, you guessed it, it’s that kind of post again!

Event 14 is coming this November 12, and we may see some new stuff worth getting and worth translating (eventually). If you wanna check out the upcoming doujins, you can check my retweets over at Twitter. Or check out #art-katsu in our Discord server.

The one I RT’d are the books I want to get and it’d be great if you help me raise money. Just click on the Donate button on the right.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

#37. [Cute] Double Bind Trinity (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!


And to celebrate the day of spookiness and skellingtons, we present you the final chapter of the tragic doujin series by marine-drive. yui Double Bind Trinity! And this is the very first doujin series we completed, so yay for that as well!

#36 [Lewd] Ran-chan (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!

Oh hey, we’re (sorta) back at translating Aikatsu! doujins! We haven’t translated anything since June, huh? And yeah… we’re still looking for translators for the lengthier and complicated doujins. For now, you’ll just have to deal with the drought until we sorted this out. Anyway…

How to enjoy anime the right way

It’s understandable for a timid and new anime fan to be completely unaware of what bittorrent is and what fansubs are… in 2007. In the year 2017, things like those should be common knowledge by now. I guess people still think YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and MAL are the only things to be found on the internet, and thinks streaming sites like KissAnime or GoGoAnime translates their anime. Which is kind of sad because fansubbers contributed to anime going mainstream and popular in the West. And before I end up ranting about fansubbing dying, I’m going to teach you some basics on how to improve your anime experience.

AIKATSU! PHOTO on STAGE!! Split Single – Scrapbook 02 is OUT!!!


Sorry for the delay again. The CD takes time to arrive at our patron’s doorstep, and we’re talking about a few days to even weeks. Or it depends if you’re a Prime member, or something. Anyway, I’m still pondering why (((rippers))) who gets ad revenue for hosting (stolen) music rips but still can’t afford to buy their own CDs. I guess 25 bucks is too expensive for them. But what do I know? And if they wanna earn more ad money, they should consider becoming our supporter, so we can continue providing content apart from music rips, yeah?

[News] Site Update 08/25/17

This is just a minor update post because silly things happened and I want everyone to know what’s going on.