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New Aikatsu! Doujinshi has just arrived (12-08-16)!!!

>mfw all these RanAo doujins

I managed to ship half of my stuff from Japan and aside from a few disappointments, the books I got are great… ESPECIALLY THE RANAO LEWDS!

I’m gonna post all of them and I’ll warn you that this post contain some lewd and het doujins. If you’re a yurifag, well, tread carefully. But to be fair though, there are only two het doujins and you can always learn to ignore and tolerate. I hope you’re not a “tolerable liberal.” So, right, here are the stuff I got!

Oh and I apologize for the poor lighting. I’m not exactly a professional photographer.

New Aikatsu! Doujinshi! (11-26-16) and Recruiting Woes


The HinaJuri and YuzuLily are the last books we ordered. There’s really nothing much to say other than they focus on specific pairs.

Bear with me here, how do I convince a translator to join our merry ranks? No, seriously, how do I get more people to help? I’ve been desperately trying to find additional staff for almost two years and obviously I’m doing this wrong here. And I’m increasingly worried we’ll cut our doujinshi translation in half (6 books instead of 12+ books a year) because I have to make room for Sakura Trick manga.

It’s hard being the only group dedicated to Aikatsu! doujinshi translations. Yeah, it’s more of a negative than a positive.

Aikatsu Stars! Insert Song 3 – AKI-COLLE is OUT!!!


Dreaming bird featuring Nanase is soooo good! Oh where was I? Oh right, dual release!

A very hectic week with so many things to do like ripping these CDs and working on Secret Story chapter 3. Damn, I’m not sure I can finish chapter 3 before December… Anyway!

New Aikatsu! Doujinshi! (11-24-16)



Aside from the YuzuLily and HinaJuri (featuring S4) doujin, these are the last of the current batch. And come to think of it, this is the smallest batch of books I bought. Obviously the reason for that is we stopped going to events directly, few books showing up in Tora and Melon, and slow or no donations. Of course I’m checking out the used bookstores for random rare books (like this one on the right), but my frequency to buy is limited to the funds I receive.

I’ll remind you again that while I indeed bought these books, they’re still in Japan with my friend. Since I owe like $400+, I won’t be seeing this books for a while. Thankfully, he agreed to send half of my loot (books of my choice) if I pay him back 50% plus shipping. Basically, if you wanna help me, there’s that donate button just above that cute Aoi on the right sidebar. *wink wink*

Right then!

New Doujinshi! (11-23-16)


Thanks to your generous donations, I have managed to buy more Aikatsu books! Books that you will NEVER EVER get to see. Yay! More on that later.

Event 11 has come and gone and we were blessed by a lot of good books arriving in store shelves. Pictured above is batch 1 out of 2.5 batches and I will make another post once the rest arrives. And we also bought some digital goods along the way. If you’re curious about these books, and why I said NEVER EVER, please read on. Jazzkatsu ~Live at Dream Academy~ will arrive tomorrow, by the way.



/aikatsu/ is my own “brand” and it died long ago, and I wish to revive it and make it great again.

The loud liberal minority of /u/ abandoned Aikats/u/ threads with their incessant crying of het crimes and almost anything an extreme Left would say, really. I am officially leaving the threads because no matter how much stuff we put out, the threads are dead. Doujinshi translations? Nope. Episode discussions? Nada. Music rips? Zilch.

I want to increase doujinshi output and we are desperately desperate in need of a translator. We already have 2 capable cleaners and having a 2nd translator will double or even triple our monthly doujinshi output. I can’t do this alone, folks. Please join me and together we can Make /aikatsu/ Great Again!


For more info, please go here.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

Aikatsu!-only Event 11: Books to Buy


Event 11 will start in a few hours and we’re gonna buy the new books, of course!

We didn’t reach our goal of $200 USD, but hey, 175 bucks (actually it’s $150 since the $25 went to the DVD drive) is still a good amount of money. I thank you very much for helping me raise that kind of money. And I’m well aware I’ve been asking money for many years now and a lot of people had mocked me for “e-begging”, but I do provide translations in return. We’ve been consistent (so far) in providing doujinshi translation, anime fansubs and music rips (taking in part), so I hope your investments in Lazy Lily were worth it.

Anyway, we’re going to use the money to buy new books that will be coming out in a few hours. We’re not attending the event (unfortunately), so we’re going to buy whatever available in online stores. The rest of the money will be forwarded to my friend and pay off my remaining debt (I still owe him $380 USD). Basically I won’t be getting my books before Christmas. Maybe I should ask Santa for help… I mean, I’ve been a good girl this year!

Right! Here are our priority books to buy (so far):

“B-B-But SHiN! Where are the Aikatsu Stars! doujins…?!”

I’m expecting the other books to show up in Tora and Melon after Event 11 is over. I’ll probably update this list or post my haul a week-ish from now. Don’t worry, I will get as many Aikatsu Stars! doujinshi as I can, or as many as the money I have allows.

So that’s it. If you see a book you want from Tora, Melon or Suruga-ya, please leave a comment bellow. I may buy them.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

New equipment, monetary support, and Jazzkatsu!


Do you guys still remember Mega-Aikatsu2? Pictured above (DAT TINY PANTY SHOT THO HOLY SHIT) is from Mega Aikatsu1, and we’re planning to share this art book very soon. Normally I share an art book together with a doujinshi translation, but there’s a chance I’ll solo release this one.


You like art books, right?

Now then, this is clearly a solicitation post and I’m not gonna hide that fact. If you’re interested in helping me out, please read on.

Aikatsu Stars! – OP2 & ED2 Single is OUT!!!


Apparently I’m on my own when responsibility get tossed in front of me. Not even a hint of support or even a supportive gesture. It’s the internet, so that’s to be expected, I guess.

Anyway, here is the OP2 and ED2 single of Aikatsu Stars!…! You can stop listening to the TV size versions on repeat now.

[News] Aikatsu!-only Event 11 and Halloween-katsu


Event Website

Just a quick update for you AIkatsu! doujinshi readers out here.


The 11th Aikatsu!-only is coming this 20th of November, and I’m letting you guys know (try to guess where this topic is going) that there are a shit-ton of new books coming out. My loot from Event 10 is still with my friend in Japan, so we may end up getting more books and add them to the old pile.


Chances are we’ll avoid buying new ones because, well, no dosh. Donating helps us get more books… Maybe I should add a subtitle for these donation posts… Beg-katsu?


My plan was to translate chapter 3 of Secret Story, but we’re skipping it and translate a doujin that’s Halloween-themed. Please expect a translation before the 31st of October.

That is all.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily