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Have I told you I own Lazy Lily and I can do whatever I want with the website?

Twitter sucks due to its text limit and what’s up with tumblr? I checked a few tumblr blogs or whatever they’re called and I have no idea how to navigate. Obviously posting here is best option for me.

But seriously…

Ppart of the reason why I blog post or make random gibberish most of the time is I love typing and I thought constantly expressing my opinions and writing pieces like these will give anyone who browses Lazy Lily an idea that there is someone human behind the fan-translations and all of the obsessive Aoi posting… And that person is a (hopefully relatable) big loudmouth and opinionated fool… That’s me.

So what’s the topic for today? I really don’t know. I just feel like expressing what I’m feeling right now in words.

Maybe I should talk about games?

Dark Souls 3 is the only game I’m currently hyped for because I’m a poorfag who can’t afford a PS4 or a Wii U. I’m really interested in playing Bloodborne for the PS4 and play some Mario games or even Bayonetta 1-2 for the Wii U and these games are obviously to my liking. I grew up with Nintendo and I do love some good old fashioned platforming like the Mario series. I’ve been conditioned by Dark Souls 1-2 and Bloodborne is the logical next step before Dark Souls 3. I’ve played a lot of Devil May Cry and I do want to play something similar like Bayonetta. But yeah, I’m too poor to buy a console and since my video card broke, I fear I may not be able to play Dark Souls 3 on day one.

I bought a N3DS simply out of necessity. I travel to a lot of places every day and there are times I have to sit down and wait for our clients. The N3DS is a good way to keep me distracted. I should have bought a Japanese 3DS and play those Aikatsu! games I’ve been seeing. I recently beat Bravely Default and Ocarina of Time 3D and they’re all great. Currently playing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Maybe I should have bought Majora’s Mask 3D instead of MonHun4U…

Talk about anime?

I still love Aikatsu!, but I no longer watch it every week. Call me a fanboi or something but I do watch shows for the characters and the new characters in season 4 still didn’t get my attention.

Due to my busy schedules and I do scanlation, I’ve been watching less and less anime for the past couple of years. The only anime I currently follow weekly is Yuru Yuri S3 and that show is great and I’m glad TYO is doing a great job. They’re obviously KyouAya fans so that’s a plus.

I watched Valkyrie Drive and while it’s stupid, there’s some fun in it. Sadly it’s not that fun to follow it weekly. Yeah, I’m a yurifag who doesn’t watch a show filled with yuri regularly. If you got some recommendations, I’m all ears.

Talk about fansubbing and scanlation?

We don’t have any anime to sub… except Nyaruko F. We haven’t really started working on it because, again, we lack the man power and the translator can’t handle multiple projects at once. We’re not even sure if we’re going to fansub that Aikatsu! Music Awards movie or future Aikatsu! movies. Darn, Full Moon wo Sagashite is still haunting me.

Yeah, we’re still working on the BD version of Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi!+ and quite frankly I can do it any time. However, working on this small screen is annoying and I’m currently stressed out.

As for scanlation, things are going well, I guess. We’re getting help from YQII for Sakura Trick and we’re teaming up with Ranka of Sexy Akiba Detectives to increase the number of Aikatsu! doujinshi translations per month. But we still need another cleaner.

About myself?

My Japanese has slightly improved all thanks to my scanlation efforts. I know there are better ways to study Japanese, but since I’m a lazy fool with little attention span, I thought that doujinshi translation is a fun way to learn. It is fun and I’ve learned quite a bit like I memorized a decent amount of kanji characters, and I can read basic to moderately complex sentences. Sadly I still suck at sentence construction.

Back at SHiN-gx Fansubs a few years ago, it was rather easy to find help due to our popularity. Right now it’s very difficult. I guess one big reason we’re not getting help is I refuse to accept their help. I know a lot of people I can approach for assistance, but I chose not to.

To put it simply, I cut off ties to certain people because I was, I dunno, backstabbed? Betrayed? Abandoned? All of the above? I was fucking insulted to the core because my supposed friend treated me like shit and the sad part is they were not even aware of it. If you want to know some of this story, go here.

What else?

I guess that’s it. When I was a kid, I was a loner because the other kids didn’t share the same interests as I do, and they labeled me as a nerd for liking video games.

I found solace in 4chan’s /a/ because I felt like I was wanted, I was recognized and it’s filled with people sharing the same interests. Now that I left 4chan due to the reasons I stated above, I’m back to being a loner. Lazy Lily is, in essence, also a loner. She will stay that way until I do something.

Oh and Aoi a best.


— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs


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