Best Sakura Trick Girl – Poll Results

ST GirlsTwo girls in this picture were not part in the poll.

This is the moment of truth, guys! Who is the best Sakura Trick girl? We’ve counted all of the votes and checked that no one in the group exploited the poll by voting more than once. Are you guys ready?

The best Sakura Trick girl, according to the voters, is…

Best Sakura Trick Girl

Best Sakura Trick Girl Poll Result

Haruka got a landslide victory! She got 41% of the total votes (739 votes) and no one booted her out of first place since day one. She’s that popular, huh?

Kaede remained on 5th place for the first two weeks, competing against Yuu and Shizuku until we saw a noticeable popularity spike that propelled Kaede to third place after episodes 4-5. She took second place around episodes 11-12. Giving her lots of screen time sure helped!

Yuzu pretty much got second place unchallenged until Kaede’s popularity spike booted Yuzu out. If we ended the poll a week earlier, Yuzu could have taken third place by herself. Yuzu and Yuu are tied at third place.

Shizuku is the unpopular girl in the poll. She was competing against Yuu and Kotone for 5th place until Kotone and Mitsuki booted her to last place. Surprisingly Mitsuki got the least votes until the last few episodes.

So there you have it! What do you think? Did the results perfectly reflect how much each girl was developed in the anime? Or are you upset Rina and SumiSumi were not included in the poll?

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