Assorted Aikatsu! Fan Art Translations

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If you’re wondering why I haven’t translated a doujin (the 4 page short extra added in the Futari no Beyer doesn’t count) featuring my favorite couple Ran and Aoi, that’s because the author of this doujin sent a cease and desist request at Twitter and I am forced to pick another book to translate. In the process I lost two very capable people and without them, doujinshi translation will be difficult to do. I am honoring Nae-san’s request, but it doesn’t mean I will stop translating her book(s). Nae-san said it’s okay to translate her book for as long as I share it to close friends and not to the public. Yay for me.

Now is Nae-san’s book really that good? The story is on the angst-ey side, but I do feel the effort and her love for the couple were put into making it. Her story take place right after Ichigo left for America. Personally I am tired of seeing artists making Sad Aoi art because they failed to realize that Aoi isn’t really that fickle. But anyway, I think to start a proper RanAo fan-fiction story, you gotta start where Ichigo left. Nae-san already made a sequel of her book and I’m looking forward to that as well. But yeah, it’s sad I will not be able to let you see her book. One lesson learned from all of this: Keep your mouth shut.

Now then!

On my free time, I translate fan art and check if I improved on my studies or not. I made around 20 fan art translations and put them in a ZIP for you to read. It could have been more if I have someone else to help me remove text from complex art. Sometimes I’m just lazy to slap text to fan art…

Here you go!


[Direct] Assorted Aikatsu! Fan Art Translations

Archive contains some RanAo and RanYuri art and looking at them made me realize that I am capable of reading Japanese if I study more.

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