[Art Book] NNNNN (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!


Here it is at long last!

This is NNNNN featuring attractive art works by Imago, LM7 and linaria. Was it worth the wait? I guess…?

This art book showed how limited my scanner is and if you find the scans not too good, I apologize. Our cleaner mg4 tried their best to fix the scans to make the more appealing. The cleaned pages aren’t really bad and actually they look good when viewing them unless you’re one of those people who scrutinize every pixel.

Anyway, before I show you the download link, I need to ask something from you guys. I have a lot of art books and after knowing the limitations of my document scanner Brother J220, I lost interest in scanning more. The document scanner is, well, a document scanner. It’s not really good at scanning detailed colored pages — Oftentimes the output had these ugly wavy pixels that are painful to look at. What we need is an actual photo scanner.

We’re planning to buy a Canon scanner that’s around 100-300 bucks depending on the model, but since I’m, well, a literal poor working class citizen in a third-world country famous for corruption, saving up for a scanner all by myself is difficult. If you like what we do and want to support us in any way, please help us buy a photo scanner.


[Mega] NNNNN (Aikatsu!)

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Thank you for downloading!

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs