Another blog post by yours truly

Sumire and AoiOh hi there, uh, the three to five people browsing this site! I’m not gonna give you a status report on our current stuff because you already know what I’m going to say. Keep your fingers crossed for that new chapter of Sakura Trick.

Right. Blog post. Lazy Lily Fansubs is my baby and I love her so much even back when she was called SHiN-gx Fansubs in 2007. Quite frankly, I’m like a lazy, jobless husband watching TV, tossing out orders while my wife, the translator, did all the essential work. That is how I describe my position as founder and leader. I’ve had multiple wives and they divorced me after they’re fed up with my running mouth and demanding requests. Eventually I will take care of my baby by myself and in order to support Lazy Lily, I have to learn Japanese and translate for her.

“If I want something done, I do it myself” — me

Of course learning Japanese is very difficult and even more so if you study by yourself. I already started learning by following a reliable guide suggested to me by two people who speaks the language. If you want to follow the progress of my self-studies, see me at twitter. A bit of a warning though — I am a boring and uninteresting person. If you wish to follow me, do so at your own risk.

My goal in becoming a translator is long and hard and if Lazy Lily loses another translator, I will put her in a deep sleep and only wake her up when I’m confident enough to translate an anime series. By the time you see a sudden fansub release from Lazy Lily a few years later, expect me, SHiN, be credited as translator.