Anime Fall 2014 and Group Updates

Inspector Aoi HDSay hi to my new desktop wallpaper~

New season, new shows and we haven’t done anything significant. You know what’s the best course of action? Announce more stuff to do!

Actually we’re only doing one new thing this season, but we may fansub other OVAs if they’re neglected like the Nyaruko OVAs (here and here). If you think an OVA is not getting fansubbed by other groups, give us a holler. We may fansub them. No guarantees though. You can check the list of new shows and OVAs this Fall here.

Other than that, oh boy. Oh boy. Our backlog is HUGE. We’re still working on the BD versions of Sakura Trick and Hanayamata. Progress of these shows will be slow, so don’t expect a batch torrent from us any time soon. All we can say is they’re definitely coming. Yama no Susume S2? We’re still doing it, but again, don’t expect us to release the BDs any time soon.

Sakura Trick BD

  • All episodes are encoded (1080p and 720p)
  • Scripts needs to be rechecked
  • Typesetting needs adjusting

Hanayamata BD

  • We’re still looking for the Blu-rays

Yama no Susume S2 BD

  • We’re still looking for the Blu-rays

I guess that’s it. Don’t worry about the Sakura Trick manga. We are still translating them.



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