[April Fools’] Akuma no Riddle Episode 01 is OUT!!!

Akuma no Riddle

And here is our new project for this season! To make thing easier for us, we teamed up with Mezashite! fansubs and they’ll be providing most of the manpower. Ha! Don’t worry, we’re still friends. Aoi is still better than Ichig—*ahem*


Haru Ichinose is a student at a private girls’ boarding school, Myōjō Academy, who is being targeted by 12 assassins disguised as students. Tokaku Azuma is a transfer student and an assassin who also initially targets Haru, but eventually develops feelings for her and decides to protect her from the other assassins.

To compress the summary in a few, digestible words — An edgy show with lesbians.


It’s a long story, but we did manage to secure a very rare UHD video stream of episode 01. We won’t tell you where we got it though and I doubt we’ll get another early video stream for episode 02. A-At least we’re first!

UPDATE: Happy April Fools’ Day!!!


Akuma no Riddle – 01


Akuma no Riddle – 01


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Janitorial duty @ Lazy Lily Headquarters — Mezashite!

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