Aikatsu Stars! VA Info


Website is still being dead, so here’s some news you probably heard already.

Aikatsu Stars! new info appeared at a livestream, but you can watch the, I think, abridged version here. Skip to 09:40 if you want to skip to the anime preview and seiyuu info. The new main character is Nijino Yume and she is voiced by recent talent Tomita Miyu.

What’s interesting about this is the seiyuu for Soleil are back taking new roles as the four-girl idol group called S4 (Stars Four?) pictured above, sans one girl. It’s amusing to note that Ichigo and Aoi’s VA swapped roles, but Ran VA’s role as the sexy idol type hasn’t changed. Yozora even looks like Ran. It’d be intriguing to see how Moroshi Sumire handle the role of a mature cool-type character. Tadokoro Azusa can easily do the role of a cute type, but it will be amusing how Aoi sounds like if she had fluffy blonde hair.

Will I watch this series? Hell yeah, I will. That also means I have to start rationing my meals because I will buy any yuri doujinshi in the future.

Aikatsu Stars! is a new series that will start on April 7, 2016. This effectively cut off the length of Aikatsu! season 4.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs