Aikatsu Stars! Insert Song 1 – HARU-COLLE is OUT!!!


Oh hey, we’re doing Aikatsu Stars!, too!

Now I know the Aoi Ichigo release post was a bit, uh, different, so to make up for it, I’ll just include whatever info you need regarding Aoi Ichigo here. Fair enough?

I’m very jealous, by the way. ;_;


Who would have thought Japan pulled a very crafty CD single for June! And boy, it took everyone by surprise with it’s very, well, “goggle-y” music, title, and theme (June bride). Twitter was flooded with fan art about Ichigo and Aoi in wedding dresses. And of course, RanAo fans were kinda bummed out and made some interesting fan art like you saw in the other post.

Oh and don’t misunderstand, I love IchiAo as well, but a part of me got jealous RanAo was left in the dust. Maybe, just maybe there will be a CD single featuring Ran and Aoi with a duet version of Trap of Love! If that were to happen, I would literally perform the Rejoice gesture (don’t ask)! Anyway, the song Aoi Ichigo is very smooth and sweet and it’s a good song for Ichigo and Aoi. I hope you’ll love it more than I do.


Or Spring Collection is a, well, a collection of songs featured in the anime and is similar to Aikatsu!’s Mini Albums. With that in mind, be prepared to see a lot of them for years to come. Aside from that, Haru-Colle is a good first collection containing very catchy songs like Miracle Force Magic and Mitsubachi no Kiss (Honeybee Kiss). And, uh… Let’s skip this and get to the links.

Special thanks to Kiwi over at Twitter for sharing their CDs with us!


[Torrent] — Aikatsu Stars! Insert Song 1 – HARU-COLLE

[Mega] — Aikatsu Stars! Insert Song 1 – HARU-COLLE


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