[April Fools’] Aikatsu Stars! episode 01 is OUT!!!


The OG Aikatsu! finally ended and it did so very gloriously. Despite my sometimes harsh criticism about the anime, it left an impression on me and it’s probably the only anime I followed for this long. I mean, I watched Aikatsu! since 2012. However, it’s not yet over because Aikatsu Stars! is here to fill in the gap and hopefully this reboot or adaptation (or whatever you call it) will create new fans and renew the love of the old fans.

I can’t really say much about the first episode or otherwise I may end up spoiling it or worse, end up discouraging current fans from even watching it. All I can is, Aikatsu Stars! is what the series needed and let’s hope our new budding idol Nijino Yume is as lovable as the OG Aikatsu! main characters Ichigo and Akari. Oh and according to this magazine page, Aikatsu Star!’s Ran (same VA too) Kasumi Yozora loves cute things and more importantly she loves cute girls. This implication may lead to lezzy moments in the anime and… According to the VA info, Tadokoro Asuza’s (VA of Aoi) voice role is Nikaidou Yuzu… And as we see here, Yuzu is a cute type idol… Yozora likes cute girls… Oh god… Don’t you think this is RanAo 2 in the making?


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Now then, that’s enough talk… To the batm—to the download links!

Thank you, Aikatsu!

Thank you very much, Aoi and Aikatsu! I will always love you.

Happy April Fools’ Day 2016!!!


[Torrent] — Aikatsu Stars! Episode 01

[Mega] — Aikatsu Stars! Episode 01 (April Fools’)

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