Aikatsu! Secret Story Chapter 02 is OUT!!!


Are you itching for something official for once? Then here is chapter 02 of Aikatsu! Secret Story!

And seriously… we really, really, really, REALLY need the Pucchigumi Aikatsu! manga scans so we can, well, obviously translate those after we’re done with Secret Story.

Aoi-checksPRETTY PLEASE? ;_;

Marie is still getting dragged along by our energetic Ichigo for some idol activities, and Marie then realized that there’s more to Aikatsu! than just selling lunchboxes and scrubbing Lady Liberty clean.

Have fun, everyone!


[Mega] — Aikatsu! Secret Story – Chapter 02

No torrents this time, so you’ll have to deal with Mega for a while. I’ll put the complete manga in bittorrent once we’re done with it.


I didn’t cross reference, so I could be wrong but… Marcel, the designer of Magical Toy, is the only designer to show up in the manga.


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