Aikatsu! Secret Story Chapter 01 is OUT!!!


So we translated the anime movie, shared the music in FLAC, translated doujinshi and the next logical step for Lazy Lily to pick up the official manga! And out of the many manga volumes out there, we picked up the most important one: Ichigo’s adventures in America.

This took a while, but yeah. There’s a catch though. More on that later.

You need to finish Aikatsu! season 1 in order to know why our heroine ended up in America (I mean seriously, SPOILER STUFF AROUND). There, Ichigo meets Marie, a young girl whose love for idols has reawakened after seeing Ichigo perform on stage. After many silly circumstances, Marie and Ichigo teamed up together and for the next 6 chapters, Secret Story tells the story of Ichigo’s idol activities in America with Marie learning the ropes and having fun as a budding new idol.

Aside from this being canon to the series, the art style of Shirayuki Bambi-san is simply beautiful to look and it’s part of the reason why Secret Story was fun to translated (Furigana helped too).

So yes, have fun, folks! I hope you like our fan-translation for Aikatsu! Secret Story chapter 1!


[Torrent] — Aikatsu! Secret Story – Chapter 01

[Mega] — Aikatsu! Secret Story – Chapter 01


It’s pretty well-known right now that we average 1 Aikatsu! translation per month, so it’s very hard to decide on which stuff to translate first. Do you want to read the next chapter of Secret Story or would you rather prefer reading fan-fiction involving the idols in kinky or lewd situations? Or are you anxious to read the 2nd chapter of Sweet Bitter Kiss and/or Secret x Secret? Seriously, we need your input on this because this affects what stuff we’re going to translate next. Twitter is rather useless with getting real replies, by the way.

Alternatively, you could join and help us translate my obviously big collection. If we have another translator and cleaner, we can manage 2 translations per month.


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