Aikatsu! S3 Mini Album 2 – Colorful Smile is OUT!!!

Colorful Smile coverWhy are Juri songs so great to listen? Yes, Chica x Chica is obviously the best song in the album. Anyways…

This is the 2nd and probably last mini album for season 3 and it contains all of the remaining songs found in the current season. I gotta admit, the mini albums are the best ones in S3 with a good mix of music genre. Now is this the final CD for Season 3? I don’t think so because the OST isn’t out yet and the S3 best album is not yet available. Speaking of those CDs…

Unfortunately Colorful Smile will be our last CD to share. Aside from the financial side of things… actually it’s technically about the financial side of things. The CDs had to be bought and shipped before ripping them and since we don’t have infinite money (sadly we can’t perform the Easy Money cheat in SimCity) and donations are very slow, we have no choice but to stop. We know it sucks and good things will come to an end eventually.

Thank you for sticking with us and I hope you enjoyed all of the rips Lazy Lily and Radiosity7 provided for nearly a year now.

[Torrent] — Aikatsu! S3 Mini Album 2 – Colorful Smile (FLAC)

[Mega] — Aikatsu! S3 Mini Album 2 – Colorful Smile (FLAC)


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