Aikatsu! S3 Mini Album 1 – Joyful Dance is OUT!!!

Joyful Dance coverSorry for the slight delay. The crew had trouble deciding on what to do next, so we did a bust the deal, face the wheel thing* and go with whatever the arrow pointed. First spin was “do nothing” so we did just that. The other options were “release CD”, “play more Dark Souls (1-2)”, “work on Sakura Trick manga”, “work on the doujins” and “save more Aoi pictures”. We made a second attempt a week later and thankfully the arrow pointed to “release CD.” “Play Terraria 1.3” was added to the wheel, by the way.

*Technically no deal was made, but eh, I want to use a Mad Max reference here.

Anyways, new Aikatsu! CD and this time with tons of new songs with Lovely Bomb being my personal favorite (I was waiting for this, Japan ;_;7 )! Big thanks to Radiosity7 for sharing his rips! Please check our Library for the rest of the S3 albums.

Enjoy these joyful tunes, folks!

[Torrent] — Aikatsu! S3 Mini Album 1 – Joyful Dance (FLAC)

[Mega] — Aikatsu! S3 Mini Album 1 – Joyful Dance (FLAC)


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