Aikatsu!-related Releases as of November 2015

CRCZ75YVAAAodZx.png origEpisode 161’s real preview

December is just a few days away and since there’s a very big chance everyone is going to spend their holiday with family and friends (except me obviously since I still run the place), new releases may not show up. So, in case I forget, this post is dedicated to all of the Aikatsu! translations/projects we did so far, and an easy way for newcomers to see all of our stuff in one post.

…or you could just check our Libra—*ahem*

But seriously…

I’m still thinking of a better way for people to access our Aikatsu! translations and I though putting them in /aikatsu/ Library is a neat idea. I think it’s a neat idea, but for now I’m still thinking on a good format/arrangement.

So  here we go!

Aikatsu! 2015


Aikatsu! The Movie: Release post


Aru Asa no IchiAo-chan: Release post
Double Bind Dream: Release post
From Wings to a Jet: Release post
Futari no Beyer: Release post
Donkan de, Wagamama na: Release post
Chocolatier: Release post
Rainy Day: Release post
Kirei Kawaii Kakkoii: Release post
After: Release post
Lunch Break: Release post
Kokoro no Doukasen Extra: Release post
Allegro Break!: Release post
Wednesday/June/14/Am:11:00: Release post
Maybe we haven’t had our first kiss yet: Release post


Aikatsu! Original Soundtrack 02: Release post
Aikatsu! 2nd Season Insert Song Mini Album 2 – Cute Look: Release post
Aikatsu! 3rd Season OP & ED: Release post
Aikatsu! 2nd Season Best Album SHINING STAR: Release post
Aikatsu! 3rd Season Single – Beautiful Song: Release post
Aikatsu! 3rd Season OP2 & ED2: Release post
Rev.from DVL – Ai Girl (Type-B Aikatsu! Collaboration Version): Release post
Aikatsu! 3rd Season Mini Album 1 – Joyful Dance: Release post
Aikatsu! 3rd Season Mini Album 2 – Colorful Smile: Release post

Wow, I didn’t realize there were so many Aikatsu!-related stuff we released and they all happened in almost a year. Yeah, I know, I included 2(?) releases that were in 2014, but whatever.

[Lazy Lily] Aikatsu! the Movie [1080p][6B58C1ED].mkv_snapshot_00.29.56_[2015.11.22_23.01.53]Aikatsu! The Movie: A Thinly-veiled IchiMizu Love Story

^I’m serious.

If you’re first timers or are not familiar with the group, we actually released our own fansub version of the Aikatsu! movie. Our version may be “unconventional” compared to typical fansubs, but rest assured we put our heart and soul into it. It’s a corny way of saying it,  yes, but it’s true.

If you prefer getting them via bittorrent, the torrents for all versions (720p and 1080p) are currently seeded. Give our version a look-see!

I think that’s it. Closing comments?

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