Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!! Single Series 05 – Dream Balloon is OUT!!!


Oh hey, do you still remember the Dream Academy idols Seira, Kii, Sora and Maria? Hmmm? What, no one?

In all seriousness, Dream Academy was a mixed bag in S2. At one point they’re this rival school for Starlight School, but ended up being an ally for the greater good against the evil Galactic Emp—Where was I?

This is the 5th album of the Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!! series and surprisingly enough Dream Balloon felt sentimental, like, I dunno, a song for the dea—*ahem* My opinion for Dream Academy has always been lukewarm and I really don’t like Maria that much. But their role (no matter how much of a mixed bag it was) was fairly decent and I’ve grown to like Seira after she was given more episodes and I forgave her for what she did in the first episode of season 2. Would have been nice if they stayed a true rival school and not chicken out because cards of the “bad guys” rarely sell.

Enough of that silly opinion!

Very big thanks to Kiwi~kyuu~n over at Twitter for sharing their CD with us!

Have fun, folks!


[Torrent] — Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!! Single Series 05 – Dream Balloon

[Mega] — Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!! Single Series 05 – Dream Balloon


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