Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!! Single Series 04 – Onegai Venus is OUT!!!

Onegai Venus

Remember the time fans wanted to see a Yurika and Sumire collaborative event, but the closest thing we got was that episode where Sumire got Yurika’s attention by bringing a certain garlic ramen? Yeah, that didn’t happen.

But here’s something for recompense!

This is the 4th album of the Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!! and FINALLY we got something strictly Yurika and Sumire related. The album contains the all new Onegai Venus featuring the two LoLi GoThiC idols Toudou Yurika and Hikami Sumire, and a duet version of Glass Doll. Actually I kinda prefer the YuriSumi version of Glass Doll… but that’s just me.

Very big thanks to Kiwi over at Twitter for sharing their CD with us! I’m actually worried they see Nishikawa Youko as Hikami Sumire. Yeah, I know, there’s a link because same VA, but… you know… OG Aikatsu! is over, and… traumatic experiences do happen. I mean, I may unconditionally fangirl an anime series if the character looks like Kiriya Aoi and has the same VA. …I have yet to find that kind of anime. ;_;

Have fun!


[Torrent] — Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!! Single Series 04 – Onegai Venus

[Mega] — Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!! Single Series 04 – Onegai Venus


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