Aikatsu!-only: Geinoujin wa Card ga Inochi! 7 (HELP!)

Geinoujin wa Card ga Inochi! 7Event website:

The website was recently updated and we finally got a date — July 11, 2015. Since Lazy Lily gets an average of 150 unique site visits, I think this is the right time to post this request and get more people to read.

Lazy Lily is currently dedicating half of its time translating and scanning fan-made Aikatsu! content (doujinshi and art books), and we’re working hard in achieving the goal of one of the go-to sources for Aikatsu-related content. As of right now (excluding the FLAC rips), we shared five books related to Aikatsu! (see our Library) and we will continue to translate and scan every book we have (see our stuff here), but our content is currently small. In order for us to operate and provide stuff for the next couple of years or beyond, we need to attend these events, and yeah, we need help in raising some money.

Last February we sent a proxy at Japan to attend Geinoujin wa Card ga Inochi! 6, and we’re planning to join the upcoming event this July 11th and we need at least 250-300 US dollars.


— 100 USD will go to our proxy for his fare, meals, and hazard pay.
— 150-200 USD will go to the actual books (10 USD = 1-2 book).


Q: Why bother going to the event? Why not buy the books at tora or melon?
A: Because some books (like Double Bind) are event-only. We want these rare books.

Q: Why not check out suruga-ya for 2nd hand copies?
A: We’re doing that, but there’s no guarantee the books we want will be sold there.

Q: What is a hazard pay for your proxy?
A: Basically we’re paying him to go all through the trouble of waiting in line and buying the books.

Q: What books are you going to prioritize?
A: Aoi, Soleil, Yurika-related stuff. We’ll try to provide variety though.

Q: Can I request you get a book from a particular artist?
A: Yes, you can. Just send me a pixiv/twitter/circle link of their work. However there’s a chance we’ll fail at getting them because they’re either sold out or the artist/circle didn’t join the event.

Q: Are you going to share all of the books you bought (translated doujinshi and cleaned art books)?
A: Yes.

Q: Yuri only?
A: Yuri only.

Q: Are there any benefits if I donate a set amount, say, 25-50 USD?
A: See next section.


Actually I don’t know. Early access to our scanned art books, perhaps? I’m open to any suggestions.


To wrap things up, please help us achieve our goal and help us by donating any amount. There are rare books in the events and I’d hate it if I didn’t grab a copy. And hey, the more Aikatsu material getting translated, the better.



— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs


We recently bought these. And yes, they will be scanned and shared.

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