Aikatsu!-only Event Update


Not sure this WP theme is capable of creating a “second main page”, but it’d be nice to separate blog posts, fansub release posts and other stuff. I’m too lazy to check.

Anyways, to the, uh, let’s see… One, two… Ah, yes. To the two people who actually gives a crap about this, I have, more or less, re-checked and finalized the stuff we’re going to acquire this February 1st. I gotta be honest with you, there are LOTS of stuff I want to buy, but due to our 10,000 yen budget, it’s pains me to say that we cannot buy every stuff we think are great. It’s fuc—freaking hard to sort these stuff all by myself because I am not too familiar with these artists.

Below are the updated stuff we’re going (hopefully) buy. Feast your eyes on these (probably rare) beauties!

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B8W3b27CcAAO2Fv.jpg origB8WUiFpCQAA7b2U.jpg orig48393757_p048359155_p047699606_p0B5IM_xOCYAAvOsM.png origB7hUiTtCEAEB85x.jpg origB7YYDjPCIAAEnI-.png orig48353896_p0B8B_vVsCMAA9dZp.jpg origB8Rcg-FCEAEe9rK.png origB8XH-MkCIAElBxa.png origB8W5uLiCYAEDSdi.png origAikatsu Wedding

It’s a very big list, eh? At 10,000 yen, we could probably get around 15-17 books. If you really wanna chip in, now is the time. If you can spare us 10 USD, we can add at least two more books in our shopping list. With 50 bucks, we can add at least 10 more books. Email me at this address if you really, really, really wanna help. Remember: the event starts on February 1st.

Don’t wanna help? Well, it will suck.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily