Aikatsu!-only Event 9 at February 14, 2016

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Japanese Aikatsu! fans are all prepping for the 9th Aikatsu!-only event called Geinoujin wa Card ga Inochi! this February 14, 2016 and we would like to join the event. Again. For the fourth time. And from the looks of it, they’re gonna do this three more times next year.


If you’re new to Lazy Lily, we’re currently the only active group that translates yuri doujinshi for Aikatsu!, and it was made possible by buying our own books through our own money and your donations.

The reason we’re doing this is simple: Outside anime, we want to spread the Aikatsu! love by distributing Aikatsu! fan works of the yuri kind to the Western fans. We feel the series isn’t getting too much recognition in the scanlation crowd, so we’re here to try filling that hole and hopefully encourage groups to join in.

We need your help yet again.


After attending the events for the third time (see our collection here or go here for our current and upcoming translations), we estimate we need at least 150-200 USD to buy the books we want. Our total budget is 350 USD.

Break down:

—$150-200 for the doujinshi
—$100 for our proxy’s hazard pay
—$50 for the shipping fee

I have a friend in Japan and he’s willing to buy the books for a fee of $100 or ¥13,000. This covers the fee, meals and his fare to reach Tokyo.


We’re going to focus on getting books of characters from the Akari Generation since our current collection is biased towards the characters from season 1 and season 2.


If you donate $50, we will give you the raw scans from our current releases and future releases in 2016. Additionally, you get to pick which book you want translated next. Please state in PayPal you want to get the raws.

If you donate less than $50, we’ll let you pick a doujinshi you want translated and we’ll put it in queue as 2nd top priority.


If we fail to reach our budget goals, we’ll use whatever money we got to buy the books from online stores like Toranoana and Melon Books. The disadvantage of this is we end up not getting the rarest and event-only books.


Aikatsu_2015For the past year we have shared 12 books and counting and in order for us to keep on providing translations and reach our goal as one of the best sources for Aikatsu! doujinshi, we desperately need your support on this. Please donate.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs