Aikatsu!-only Event 9 Announced, and…

topEvent website:

Uh… I think I pressed something I shouldn’t have…


Anyways, new event coming next year at February 14, 2016, so chances are majority of the new books will be Valentine-themed. I do hope we’ll see more (lewd) Ran x Aoi stories.

Our real budget is 250 USD because the 150 USD will go to the books and the 100 will go to my proxy’s hazard pay, food and fare. If we can reach our 150 USD target (pls donate), we’ll enter this event. If not, we’ll wait for the next one. The only drawback is some books may never show up again.


My proposal to give every donor who donated 50 USD access to the raws/scans used for our translations for one year is still open. I know it’s exploitation, but I really need all the help I can get and I think this is the best solution. Want the raws we used? Please donate 50 USD. We’ll use the money to buy more Aoi merc—doujinshi and then translate them for you.

I gotta be honest here, I’m obsessed with these events and while my intent is to scan, translate and distribute them, part of me just want to own as much books as possible.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs