Aikatsu!-only Event 8 this October 11th


It’s that time again and, to be brutally honest, it’s time for me to beg for more donations.

This is going to be our third time entering the event and as you know, we got a lot of stuff. However, we need more books. Certain artists are making sequels to their previous stories like yui’s Double Bind Trilogy and other artists putting out event-only books.

Our optimal budget is 150 USD (100 for the books and 50 for food and transportation) and as of this writing, we barely hit the 100 USD mark. We can make do with what we have, but we’ll end up getting less books.

To those who are following Lazy Lily for the Aikatsu! doujinshi, I ask you to please help us reach our goal of 150 USD before October 11. There are several artists publishing rare books and we want to get a hold to some of them. My offer to share our raw scans to donors is still open, and, well, no more promises other than we’ll continue to provide Aikatsu! yuri doujinshi translations you may not find anywhere else.

Please donate!

— SHIN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs