Aikatsu!-only Event 8 Loot are here!

DSCN4380 DSCN4381 DSCN4382 DSCN4383The loot.

We missed a lot especially that Hinaki x Juri lewd sukebook. However we did grab a lot of books from popular artists like yui, Yoban and Shinoasa. We got the third and final book of yui’s Double Bind trilogy and we can literally start soon-ish. More on that later.

We shifted our focus on getting books from not-so-popular pairings and odd ones like the Sora x Yurika book. Curious how they got together and do the lewd. And a few books featuring Yuu because, well, I like her. A lot. Oh we have a KaeYuri book now, so if you’re a fan of the (obvious) canon pairing, this book will make you happy.

Now then, the purpose me buying these books is we’re going to translate them for you. Yuri stuff rarely gets scanned so I took it upon myself to buy them myself. Punching a hole in my wallet and do some e-begging are part of the experience, I guess…

But oh wait, you won’t see these translated. Not soon anyways. We got a lot of books to translate first and seeing people want to read a lengthy doujin and compromising our monthly schedule (see poll), we’re talking years here. Unless you help me and the group out. We’re still looking for help and if you fit the bill, leave me an email. Conditions apply. See here and here.

This is our third and probably the last time I’m gonna burn money for these kinds of events because I’m literally broke. I will rely heavily on donations from now on. We can manage if we get around 150 USD donations per event, so, well, please donate. You want us to provide more doujins, right? RIGHT?

If you wanna check our old stuff, go to our Doujinshi page.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

Here are some pictures from the event.

DSCN4369 DSCN4370 DSCN4371 DSCN4373 DSCN4375 DSCN4378