Aikatsu!-only Event 11: Books to Buy


Event 11 will start in a few hours and we’re gonna buy the new books, of course!

We didn’t reach our goal of $200 USD, but hey, 175 bucks (actually it’s $150 since the $25 went to the DVD drive) is still a good amount of money. I thank you very much for helping me raise that kind of money. And I’m well aware I’ve been asking money for many years now and a lot of people had mocked me for “e-begging”, but I do provide translations in return. We’ve been consistent (so far) in providing doujinshi translation, anime fansubs and music rips (taking in part), so I hope your investments in Lazy Lily were worth it.

Anyway, we’re going to use the money to buy new books that will be coming out in a few hours. We’re not attending the event (unfortunately), so we’re going to buy whatever available in online stores. The rest of the money will be forwarded to my friend and pay off my remaining debt (I still owe him $380 USD). Basically I won’t be getting my books before Christmas. Maybe I should ask Santa for help… I mean, I’ve been a good girl this year!

Right! Here are our priority books to buy (so far):

“B-B-But SHiN! Where are the Aikatsu Stars! doujins…?!”

I’m expecting the other books to show up in Tora and Melon after Event 11 is over. I’ll probably update this list or post my haul a week-ish from now. Don’t worry, I will get as many Aikatsu Stars! doujinshi as I can, or as many as the money I have allows.

So that’s it. If you see a book you want from Tora, Melon or Suruga-ya, please leave a comment bellow. I may buy them.

β€” SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs