Aikatsu!-only Event (07/11/15) List

07-11-15 — FINAL LIST


 This is the very same list I gave my comrade in Japan.

This is it. This is the final list. We cannot guarantee we’ll grab everything and we’ll post pictures of whatever loot we got within 24-32 hours. Wish us, or rather, wish our comrade good luck! You can check me on Twitter, but I suggest you’ll just wait here.

Event website: here

List of artists participating and their stall markers: here

In the next few weeks I’m going to list down the artists we’re going to prioritize and then catalog whatever work they’re publishing. We’ll only focus on artists that provide yuri content only.


*same circle who made the first Ran x Aoi book. In case you didn’t notice, I have that book.

See also this and/or this.

Have an artist/book in mind? Speak up and we may add that book to our shopping list.

UPDATE (06/25/15)

  • Final budget is 25,000 yen.

I’m pretty sure some of the artists will republish their old works so if I have some spare money, I’ll get those. If you still wish to chip in, go click on that donate button at the top right. If you donate at least 500-600 yen (that’s 4.84 USD), I am guaranteed to buy one book.

Yoban is not gonna show up as far as I can tell so I may not get his book from last event unless he sells his book online like the rest of his books. I’m following around 190+ artists at Twitter and so far I’m not getting any new updates from them. If you have an artist with a particular art book and/or yuri-centric book, and want them translated in the future, tell me. Quite frankly I’ll end up buying the books I want (ie Sumire books never ever) because the world was nice enough to not care… like last time. More Aoi books for me then.

— SHiN@Lazy Lily Fansubs