Aikatsu!-only event 07-11-15 loot has arrived!

143668584379814366858584861436685851312AND HERE THEY ARE! Pretty small loot compared from last time, but hey, at least we got some great ones! We didn’t get the rest of the books from the list and we’re hoping to buy them from Tora and Melon. I’m still coordinating with my comrade regarding the amount of money left and once I got the numbers, we will begin selecting the books we think we can afford.

IF YOU SEE A BOOK in these stores you like and want us to translate them, now’s your chance to tell me through the comments section below this post.


TORA STORE (click はい to proceed)

So what do you think of our loot? Good? Great? These books will provide Lazy Lily another year supply of doujinshi to translate and I hope you are all looking forward to them!

We’re still accepting donations if you wish to help us buy more books (5-6 dollars = 5-600 yen = 1 doujin).

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— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs