Aikatsu! Manga Secret Story is HERE!!!


After weeks of waiting it’s finally here! And it’s beautiful! Kinda small (see >Razer keyboard for comparison) and extremely light.

Secret Story tells the, uh, story of Ichigo and her adventures in America. There she meets Marie, a newbie idol. There is a total of 6 chapters and each chapter is usually around 30+ pages.

Yes, I’m happy it arrived in one piece (I really don’t trust the local postal service here) and I’m extra happy that Aoi and the gang are in the story. Now I’m curious how the manga ties to the anime. More pictures!

Pardon my shaky camera. My tablet isn’t exactly top of the line.


So… when will we start working on the manga? Next year, but we still need additional crew like a cleaner and a secondary translator (I’ll do the official manga and they’ll do the doujinshi). Again, I can’t be assed to work on this without help and interest and my video card is dead. Please help. ;_;

Uh… Ya-Yay!

—SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs