Aikatsu! Doujinshi haul finally over?


I guess so because, man, a lot of money was put into these books. And NatsuKomi (Comiket 90) hasn’t even started yet! Jesus H. Christ…

I’ll reiterate myself and give out the almost full details of the things we bought and spent.

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Books from Event 10 were showing up on popular online stores Melon and Tora, but sadly majority of them have different release dates. Tora won’t let you buy the currently available books, pre-order the other books and have them all delivered together at a later date. So we ended up paying for the delivery fees several times and this added to the costs. Fortunately my comrade in Japan went with Neko Post every chance he can get to save some money. Neko Post’s fee is 300 yen compared to other couriers with 500+ yen fees.


I really HATE it every time Suruga-ya plasters their price tag stickers on the actual covers. GODDAMMIT.

Too bad Tora and Melon’s current doujinshi selections are pathetic and after knowing some artists don’t put their stuff in online stores, we set our sights to used books stores like Suruga-ya. The selections were way bigger and they have some rare books on sale, so we took this opportunity to buy whatever stuff we find interesting. The bad side is, there are no preview pages so there is a high chance the lewd books we bought will not be yuri. If they’re not, yuri, I’ll give them to groups who are into hetero doujinshi.

Or give them to YQII because he was the only one who accepted that Rin book I got a few months back.

So exactly HOW MUCH did we spend?


SO FAR we spent 56,570 Yen or around 552.81 USD. Currently I owe my friend 34,780 Yen or 339.87 USD with an additional 60-70 USD fee for shipping the books from Japan to the Philippines, Mindanao (yes, I’m in a terrorist area). And sadly the cost will continue to increase once NatsuKomi (C90) and Girls Love Festival arrives this August and September. There are upcoming books I don’t want to ignore and I really hate monitoring used book stores for books. We went over our intended budget, as you can see.

What made the cost go up? Well… these:



The group art work is an A4-sized ticket bundle containing 5 tickets for the upcoming Aikatsu! the Movie 2. The ticket cost 5,000 Yen or roughly 50 USD. The Ran and Aoi figures here cost around 4,940 Yen each (sans shipping), so including the tickets, these items alone cost around 150 USD. Ouch, but, man, it’s so worth it.

I never owned a real figurine or figure from Japan before and since my friend lives in Japan, I took this chance to buy some. I was supposed to own a Kagami~n Summer Wedding figurine a few years ago (2009?) as part of 4chan /a/’s Secret Santa, but unfortunately my Secret Santa Anon pulled a ruse and I ended up, well, FUCKING DEVASTATED. That was very, very mean, Anon. ;_;


If I want to say this bluntly: Yeah, we spent 500+ bucks for books only a few people will read. Come on, let’s face it, Aikatsu! will never be as popular as Idolmaster, Love Live! and PreCure, but I don’t care about the anime’s popularity at all, though.

Psh, sure, I bitch a lot when there are less than 300 people browsing Lazy Lily every day, the doujinshi are getting less than a page full of comments at Dynasty Reader, and Anons never talk about them in image boards, but I’m aware there are people reading them. I love the anime and people still do read our stuff, and these are reasons enough to keep on going.

If ever you have questions, please post in the comments section below.


— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs