Aikatsu! COMPLETE CD-BOX is OUT!!!

We came, we saw, we conquered!

…and Happy 4th of July!

It’s finally here and boy it took forever to re-tag (ie Romanize) the collection with 276 music tracks. That’s right, Aikatsu! COMPLETE CD-BOX is arguably the ultimate song collection containing the same songs you downloaded a million times already, but the collection also include alternate versions of songs never before heard outside the anime. Tracks include the MadoRin version of Friend, Aoi solo of strange alien and the dreaded Eien no Tomoshibi Akari version just to name a few.

And yeah, we’re happy and proud to share this massive collection to everyone.

Proof of purchase

I mentioned in the previous posts that I’ll scan the covers if we’re going to rip this, but unfortunately the collection wasn’t physically with me during the ripping process. We did plan on scanning them, but sadly, the patron’s scanner died on him. Very sorry for that, but if you wanna know what the box looks like, then, uh, see above pic. And speaking of patrons…

Very, very big thanks to Phazon from Whales are Whales for helping Lazy Lily procure this rather expensive collection. I thought all hopes were lost but thankfully a miracle happened and we hope you’ll like this collection. I hope you don’t mind the download speed though. :3

Before we really get to the download links, no, this collection is not a replacement to the ones you currently have because those rips have different cover art. It’s a waste to delete them.

Now then, please be patient and enjoy the collection, folks!

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[Torrent] — Aikatsu! COMPLETE CD-BOX [FLAC]
[Torrent] — Aikatsu! COMPLETE CD-BOX [MP3]

[Mega] — Aikatsu! COMPLETE CD-BOX [FLAC]
[Mega] — Aikatsu! COMPLETE CD-BOX [MP3]


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