Aikatsu! 3rd Season Single – Beautiful Song is OUT!!!

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Lazy Lily Fansubs is not meant to share music rips, but I guess we’ll take the job since no else bothered. Will this trend continue? I dunno, but one thing’s for sure is Lazy Lily is going to be the first one to share an Aoi CD single album the moment it comes out. Bring it, Japan! Anyways…

Oh hey, an actual CD with no rehashed songs! This is the second CD single for season 3 (first one here) and it’s arguably one of the best albums in Aikatsu!’s growing music library. I’m just gonna say this straight out — Passion Flower alone is gonna blow you away… or at least that’s what I think will happen to you. Latin-inspired songs like Otona Mode are always great to listen (also check out El Cazador de la Bruja‘s OST)!

Grab a nice pair of headphones, close your eyes, listen to Passion Flower, and never worry about getting ass-assaulted by shitty karaoke effects that ruin virtually every song in fansubbed anime these days because “muh mad stupid particle effects skeelz, muh thematic similarities (oh look, fucking reflections!) and e-peen size competition with other groups”. Be absorbed and be mesmerized — Passion Flower is a shining example of emotion and energy in musical notes that need no shitty jumping lyrics just to “show” its beauty.

[Torrent] — Aikatsu! 3rd Season Single – Beautiful Song (FLAC)

[Mega] — Aikatsu! 3rd Season Single – Beautiful Song (FLAC)


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