Aikatsu! 3rd Season Best Album Lovely Party!! is OUT!!!


Oh hey, we’re back doing these CD-thingamajigs-whatchamacallit-thingies again. But don’t expect us to share the CDs of the upcoming Aikatsu Stars! anime, though.

Each season, the anime releases a compilation album containing that season’s best songs, and Lovely Party!! is the third one. This compilation contains all of the songs you already have, but what’s new is there are a few notable tracks with different vocals. Want the Chica x Chica, uh, uhhhhh… What’s the name of Madoka, Rin and Juri’s group again? Oh right! Want the Red Hot Chili Peppers version of Chica x Chica? This collection has it. Want to fantasize your HinaJuri OTP with appropriate tunes? This collection has Poppin’ Bubbles HinaJuri Edition.

Very big thanks to Kiwi over at Twitter for sharing their collection with us and thanks to them, I think we actually completed all of season 3’s music albums (sans OST albums of course). Wow, we really didn’t expect this development to happen. Yay!

Oh yeah, Are you familiar with us as a fansub group? No? To put it simply, we’re a low profile fansub group that, well, subs anime. We’re also a group dedicated to translating Aikatsu! manga and doujinshi. Check out our Library for some of our stuff!* Or take a quick tour around the site.

*5 doujinshi were removed due to fan artist requests.

EH-KNEE-WEISS, enjoy the album, folks!


[Torrent] — Aikatsu! 3rd Season Best Album Lovely Party!!

[Mega] — Aikatsu! 3rd Season Best Album Lovely Party!!


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