Aikatsu! 3nd Season OP2 & ED2 CD is OUT!!!


Nope, you won’t find the duet version of Tutu Ballerina here. Yeah, it sucks, so you’ll have wait next year for the 3rd Season Best Album! Ain’t life grand? *ahem* Great CD and Tutu Ballerina, despite being a Snor—Sumire song, is very good to listen (had it on loop for 3 hours now). Lovely Party Collection is great too!

Special thanks to Rad for sharing his FLAC rips ever since the 2r—2nd Season Best Album, and, uhmm… Come to think of it… Are you guys interested in some Aikatsu! Extracurricular Activities? Our friend Rad happens to love writing stories, especially about our beloved idols. The stories range from short stories, pairings (RanAo utopia! ;_; ) and full, lengthy stories that further the developed characters who got poor screen time in the anime. I highly recommend you check our his works and you can find them at . Seriously, go check it out!

Have fun, folks!

[Torrent] — Aikatsu! 3rd Season Single – Beautiful Song (FLAC)

[Mega] — Aikatsu! 3rd Season Single – Beautiful Song (FLAC)


[Lewd] Futari no Beyer + AoRan Extra (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!
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Aikatsu!-only: Geinoujin wa Card ga Inochi! 7 (HELP!)

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