About Sakura Trick manga…

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Let’s talk about Sakura Trick, folks. Sit down and enjoy whatever stuff you’re drinking.

Chapter 43 is still coming and chances are we’ll release it around the first week of September. Yeah, we get it, we’re supposed to share this monthly, but, you know, unless you give me Aoi merch (physical or digital), delays are inevitable.

Don’t take that way too seriou—GIVE ME AOI STUFF NO—*ahem*

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Vale, our cleaner and typesetter, has emailed me that we’re three (3) chapters away in completing volume 5 and this poses a problem: We don’t have volume 6 in our physical possession.

We already purchased volume 6 and it’s currently with my comrade in Japan together with the doujins we purchased recently. The problem with that is, my friend will not send me the goods until I paid him off. We did get funds from generous donors to fund the doujinshi, but I overspent. I’m paying my comrade every month, but chances are we’ll get the books and Sakura Trick volume 6 in a few more months, or even next year.

We’re three chapters away in completing volume 5 and no volume 6 scans in the immediate vicinity, what’s going to happen?

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We’re thinking of going back and finish the chapters we skipped while we wait for volume 6 to arrive. Like, we’ll start all the way from the first volume and work our way back up. Remember, we didn’t translate the first few chapters of volume 1, we didn’t translate volume 2 and we partially translated volume 3. And if ever we’re going back, it’s logical to start from the beginning.

I’m okay with this plan and I’m very sure the rest of the guys will be okay with it as well. But the question is: Are you okay with this? I can convince my comrade to send me volume 6 along with another book that’s coming, but it’ll be pricey. We’re talking about 3000-4000 yen shipping fees here.

If you have any questions or violent sexually-charged reactions, please leave a comment below.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs