A quick update (11-12-16)


Just a quick update for, hopefully, things you actually care about. And I’m sure you will not like one of these. Please don’t hate. ;_;


As you can see, we got a replacement disc drive and we actually ripped the disc and ready to be shared, but… There was a problem with one of the scans. We’ll share Jazzkatsu! and the art book together as soon as the scans are fixed. I’m expecting the scans to be ready in less than 12 hours (hopefully).

Why not share Jazzkatsu! and the art book later? Why not release them separately? Quite frankly, we really don’t get so many visits so I thought that I’d maximize the exposure of the CD rips and scans by sharing them together. I could probably share the CD right now, but only if you check me out over at our Discord server. And yes, you can enter our channels without installing the program. Just open a browser.


Nothing. I’m still waiting for a reply from our translator and sad to say I don’t think you’ll see a chapter this month. We’ll consider other options, but we’ll probably fully discuss it next year.


Help us translate Sakura Trick if you’re a translator.

That’s it. I think I’ll watch the latest episode of Aikatsu Stars and make a review.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily