A brief tour around Lazy Lily Fansubs


Welcome to Lazy Lily Fansubs!

If you are not familiar with Lazy Lily, please take this very brief tour of the place. Please keep in mind that Lazy Lily Fansubs is an R-18 website for it contains some pornographic material and doujinshi. We’ve placed warning labels on these content, but some older posts may still contain some lewd imagery. Please be advised that some of the pages are still under construction, and we are very sorry for the trouble. We will get them fixed soon! Click “more” to proceed with the tour.

  • About — Pretty straight-forward. If you want to know about the group and their philosophies, this is the place to go.
  • Staff — List of Lazy Lily’s current and past members.
  • Library — This contains torrent links and DDL links for everything we fansubbed, shared and distributed.
  • /aikatsu/ Library — A fan page containing Aikatsu! info. Right now the page is currently featuring teaser scans of the stuff we’re doing and various donated scans and stitches.
  • Doujinshi — This contains the statuses of our doujinshi translations and a list of all doujinshi we currently own.
  • Donate! — Want to support Lazy Lily? You have two options to help. 1.) Donate Aikatsu!-related scans 2.) Donate some pocket change for future projects.
  • Projects — List of shows we’re planning to fansub.
  • Recruitment — If you got what it takes, you can help the group by contributing.
  • Aoi brushing her hair — A page dedicated to the Blue Goddess brushing her hair.
  • OTP — List of our favorite OTPs.
  • Before we commit sudoku… — Checklist of things we need to do before the group kicks the bucket.

If you wish to inquire more or ask about anything, please post your questions below.