A brief explanation on our doujinshi project philosophy

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When a show comes out, you’ll probably end up seeing multiple subtitled versions from Crunchyroll, a few rippers and a couple of legit fansub groups. This is, to some, considered normal and hey, multiple versions is a good thing and they cater to certain types of people (Cthune’s version of Rollin’ Girls is the best, btw). This is mostly not the case when it comes to the scanlation sector. As far as I can tell, it is a waste of time to translate manga when someone else was doing them and that is why we lost a few people working with us for the Sakura Trick manga. The pillar crumbled after a group released a chapter before us. It didn’t stop us though and we moved along.

I am currently studying Japanese and I decided to buy and translate Aikatsu! doujins for learning purposes. Did you check out our latest doujin translation work? That was me applying what I learned. Some lines were difficult to read, but with the help of Uichan, I learned something new and completed the script.

To put things into one simple sentence: I don’t care if X doujin got translated by other groups and I will translate, and release my own versions no matter what.

I am not knocking on the other groups and they can translate whatever they want. Let me do my own thing.

Now that I think about it, who cares in the end? The only thing that comes out of this is we’re making people happy they got something to read.

Heh, this post was a waste of time.

In other news: Yuru Yuri Drama CD #4 is coming soon. “Soon” as in before the OVA comes out.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily


It looks like people want to see a doujin of Aoi x Ichigo x Ran. Hmmm… You’re gonna love this doujin (just clickはい to enter).