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#25. [Cute] sweet bitter kiss II (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!


Oh hey, we’re actually working on the sequels of the books we translated last year. Now isn’t that nice! Speaking of sequels, do you want to read the double bind trilogy (RanYuri)?

We do apologize for not pulling another 4 doujinshi a month-thingy like we did last month because, well, despite having reizen to translate our stuff, we do need more crew like a TLC’er, QC’er and Cleaner. So yeah, if you’re interested in helping out, lend a us a hand. For more info, please go here.

Right then, sweet bitter kiss II is the direct continuation of Ran discovering the gay and how is she gonna handle the lilies. Ran continued facing obstacles like everyone around her is obviously gay (obviously) andit’s not a good idea to stop someone wanting to have a picnic on a sunny day. This book is very well-written that it took a lot of effort and help from /u/ to finish and I hope you’ll like this book!

Before we get to the links though, the author stated in the doujin that the 3rd book is the finale, but…

#19. [Cute] Sweet Bitter Kiss 1 (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!


Aside from Secret x Secret, we’re going to start translating multi-chaptered doujinshi for length and of course, more dialogue and character development. Here comes Chaos 2nd’s Sweet Bitter Kiss series featuring Ran, Yurika, Kaede and other characters that will be introduced in the next book.

[News] Aikatsu! stuff in C92 Natsu Komi

Do you want to read more?

[News] What’s in the box?

A box of goodies arrived and let’s see what’s inside and woe at the fact these will never be scanned and translated.

Unless of course you’re going to help us in the translation department *wink* *wink*

New Aikatsu! Doujinshi has just arrived (12-08-16)!!!

>mfw all these RanAo doujins

I managed to ship half of my stuff from Japan and aside from a few disappointments, the books I got are great… ESPECIALLY THE RANAO LEWDS!

I’m gonna post all of them and I’ll warn you that this post contain some lewd and het doujins. If you’re a yurifag, well, tread carefully. But to be fair though, there are only two het doujins and you can always learn to ignore and tolerate. I hope you’re not a “tolerable liberal.” So, right, here are the stuff I got!

Oh and I apologize for the poor lighting. I’m not exactly a professional photographer.

Aikatsu! Secret Story Chapter 02 is OUT!!!


Are you itching for something official for once? Then here is chapter 02 of Aikatsu! Secret Story!

And seriously… we really, really, really, REALLY need the Pucchigumi Aikatsu! manga scans so we can, well, obviously translate those after we’re done with Secret Story.

Aoi-checksPRETTY PLEASE? ;_;

Sakura Trick Volume 5 – Chapter 08 is OUT!!!


It’s a relief that we’re finally done!

Is it really necessary to provide a torrent version of our manga releases? The zip files are less than 10 MB and majority of you folks read them in online readers anyways. By the way, if you do read them in online readers, especially the ones who butcher the quality, please pay Lazy Lily a visit after reading and say something about the chapter, and perhaps donat—*ahem*. I’m not gonna check every one of them readers just to read your comments! Just saying! Oh and did you know I have a personal blog?

Anyway, that’s enough self-promotion! It’s time for some Sakura Trick!

Aikatsu! Secret Story Chapter 01 is OUT!!!


So we translated the anime movie, shared the music in FLAC, translated doujinshi and the next logical step for Lazy Lily to pick up the official manga! And out of the many manga volumes out there, we picked up the most important one: Ichigo’s adventures in America.

This took a while, but yeah. There’s a catch though. More on that later.

#20. [Lewd] Watashi no Kawaii Oningyou-san (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!

You know, we deserve a medal for translating every bit of lewd SFX. ;_;


Anyway, I’m half-asleep while writing this, so… yeah… This marks our 20th doujinshi release and we’re very happy we’re still doing scanlations despite setbacks! And this was made possible thanks to the wonderful chaps at 8/u/! They helped us with the cleaning and SFX translations (medal when?) and I tell you, cleaning those pesky and obnoxious SFX were hard as hell. Hat’s off to them for taking the time! And actually, 8/u/ Scanlations is in need of experienced people for yuri scanlations. If you’re a translator, typesetter, and cleaner who wants to help work on yuri stuff, please pay 8/u/ a visit! They will really appreciate your help!

Oh and if you’re wondering certain doujinshi are missing from this website: They were removed by the authors’ requests. There’s nothing we can do about this and, well, I’m sure you know where to find them. If not, don’t ask me!

Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!! Single Series 05 – Dream Balloon is OUT!!!


Oh hey, do you still remember the Dream Academy idols Seira, Kii, Sora and Maria? Hmmm? What, no one?

In all seriousness, Dream Academy was a mixed bag in S2. At one point they’re this rival school for Starlight School, but ended up being an ally for the greater good against the evil Galactic Emp—Where was I?