#37. [Cute] Double Bind Trinity (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!


And to celebrate the day of spookiness and skellingtons, we present you the final chapter of the tragic doujin series by marine-drive. yui Double Bind Trinity! And this is the very first doujin series we completed, so yay for that as well!

Though… the focus is no longer on the vampire aspect, it’s still part of a series about, well, vampires. Yurika has vanished and her alter ego Lady Yurika took over. Everything points out to Ran’s actions back in chapter 1, and everyone is experiencing a sudden change of atmosphere in Starlight Academy. Can Ran come back to her senses and bring back Yurika? Or will Yurika forever caged and Lady Yurika will permanently take over? One way to find out is to read the story!

If you haven’t read the first two chapters of Double Bind, please read them first. I added the links to all chapters, and if you’re an online reader type, we uploaded the chapters to Lilyreader, a reader by the folks at 8/u/. Links below.

Enjoy your Halloween, folks!


Name: yui
Circle/Group: marine-drive.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/yui_i_dol
Pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=498859
Store page(s): [EVENT ONLY]


[Mega] Double Bind (Aikatsu!)
[Mega] Double Bind Dream (Aikatsu!)
[Mega] Double Bind Trinity (Aikatsu!)

[Mega] Double Bind Trinity (Aikatsu!) [6000px ver.]*
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[Lilyreader] Double Bind Series

This is probably our last doujin translation for 2017 and this made me realize that scanlation is hard to self-sustain, especially on an anime series that is not quite popular. 2018 is going to be very challenging, and acquiring funds is still difficult. So difficult that I tried many things to entice people to donate a few bucks and this another attempt. But hey, what can we do at this point?


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