#35. [Lewd] Evening Ster (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!

More Aikatsu! stuff for everyone!

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Yeah, you read that right… Sadly the author Iwami Shouko didn’t find enough time to spell check their English titles.

Evening Star is another story about Aoi coping after Ichigo left for America at the end of OG Season 1. Will Japan stop making stories based on Aoi suffering? No. I hope so because I’m sure fans can make up some happy-esque stories instead of reusing the same sadness story. But oh well… The doujin is legit good though and I hope you’ll enjoy this one!

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Name: Iwami Shouko
Circle/Group: Anzen Daiichi (Safety First)
Pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=1845573
Twitter: https://twitter.com/misyouko
Store page(s): [Tora]


[Mega] Evening Ster (Aikatsu!)


New batch of Aikatsu! doujinshi has arrived!
#34. [Cute] Sukonbu to chocolate (Aikatsu Stars!) is OUT!!!
#33. [Lewd] Ichigo ga chotto ijiwaru na hi (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!

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