#34. [Cute] Sukonbu to chocolate (Aikatsu Stars!) is OUT!!!

I said a couple of doujins, right?

It’s a bit weird we’re starting our Aikatsu Stars! doujin translating with Mahiru x Rola instead of Yume x Rola, but… you could say I love this pair because they share something in common. A more realistic reason is we have a very good YumeRola doujin, but we currently don’t have a cleaner and translator for it.

This doujin is a sequel to our first Aikatsu Stars! doujin, so I highly suggest you read that before reading this. Will there be more sequels coming? I’m hoping so because, as I mentioned before, I love these two because they share something in common: inferiority complex. You’ll know what I mean after you read the first one and then this.

But yeah, enjoy!

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[Mega] Sukonbu to chocolate (Aikatsu Stars!)
[Mega] Sukonbu to chocolate [Hi-Res] (Aikatsu Stars!)


#33. [Lewd] Ichigo ga chotto ijiwaru na hi (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!
Aikatsu Stars! Season 2 – OP & ED Single is OUT!!!
[Lewd] Sore dakara watashi wa henshin dekinai (Flip Flappers) is OUT!!!

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